**I received this package as a member of TheMotherhood.com. I was honored to be chosen and love all of the special products in the pack!**

It is no secret that I have partnerships that I value a great deal in the world of blogging. One of my favorite groups to work with is The Motherhood! The team of women that run The Motherhood are professional, understanding and excited about all things support! So when they asked me to receive a box of their favorite products as a #TMSelects Blogger, I was more than honored. My box arrived early last week and I can not wait to show you what is in it! Check out my opening it below:

In case I sped through this awesome box way too fast for you, here is a breakdown of the AWESOME items that we all should get and enjoy!


If you have not had a LÄRABAR, you are missing out! These fun and health conscious products are more than a yummy treat! They help me stay on track when I am making better choices! In my box were TONS of LÄRABAR products from bars to seeds and nuts! It will take me a while to get through them.

I am Opening Things!! Come see my #TMSelects Loot!

S’well Bottle

I have not heard of the S’well bottle before. However, now that I have one, I can’t imagine not having another! This metal bottle keeps drinks cold and hot and has a leak proof screw on top! It is a great size for carrying when I run!

I am Opening Things!! Come see my #TMSelects Loot!

Wild Explorer

The Motherhood did not forget about my kids! Brittnee from the team fell in love with these unique and beautiful shoes and I am so glad she did! These soft and flexible foot wear are perfect for the running, jumping and stylish toddling little kids do all day every day!

I am Opening Things!! Come see my #TMSelects Loot!

eos Lip Balms

Now this line of lip balms, lotion and more have been my favorites for a while as well! I love the product and it really works! The oval design is great for whole lip care and is clever to boot! Next time you see some, pick it up! It will be on your favorite lists as well!

I am Opening Things!! Come see my #TMSelects Loot!

I am so grateful that I was chosen to receive one of these custom boxes! The products inside are amazing and I can see why everyone at the team of The Motherhood marks them a super fabulous favorite! Which items have you seen and which do you want to try?