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I LOVE finding new fun things for my kids and I to watch and laugh at together. And we all know, especially if you follow my Facebook Page, that we all love Denny’s! So when I found out that they were working with the STOOPID BUDDY STOODIOS TEAMSTOOPID BUDDY STOODIOS TEAM to bring us The Grand Slams, I had to share!

Check out 'The Grand Slams' #DennysDiners

Denny’s and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the studio behind “Robot Chicken™,” have joined forces to create a new animated web series, “The Grand Slams.” Starring a delicious cast of characters – Egg, Pancake, Sausage and Bacon – based on the brand’s most iconic dish, The Grand Slam™, the series follows the diner gang on their everyday adventures at the booth and beyond.

An exclusive trailer, available today at TheGrandSlams.com, introduces the cast and provides a preview of the upcoming series, launching Oct. 15. The first episode kicks-off with a diner debate on the merits of dessert vs. breakfast, resulting in a savory standoff where Bacon and Sausage take on sweet and tasty Pancake. Additional episodes will be released now through January, following the cast’s hilarious escapades through Halloween, a Bold Coffee emergency and much, much more.

Check out the trailer – it is hysterical!

Check out 'The Grand Slams' #DennysDiners

I marked my calendar for October 15, 2014 and can not wait to share these famous Denny’s The Grand Slam characters with my kids!  Who will you share them with?

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