I have not been on a Cruise in 20 years.  And, to be honest, as a single mom with three kids, I never thought I would.  The thought of me on a boat with three little kids is  a scary one.  But when I got the request from The Disney Magic Cruise ship to do just that, I had to seriously consider it!

The Disney Magic

And I am so glad I did!

And I had nothing to worry about.

When you board a Disney Cruise Ship you board a world that gives you and your children the fun and excitement you need together and the much needed break from one another too.  With world class FREE child care, spas for mom and dad and family activities from crafts to swimming to Broadway shows to amazing dinners and so, so, SO much more, this vacation welcomes you aboard like no other trip!

The Disney Magic

And it is all done with attention to detail that only Disney seems to have mastered, a smile and… well, MAGIC!

The girls and I packed and drove only an hour and a half away to board The Disney Magic out of Galveston, TX.  I was worried that boarding would be a mess with security and checking in and paperwork and a million suitcases.  I had zero to worry about!  I had help with my bags from the moment I pulled into my covered parking spot.  We boarded a shuttle and were at the boat in no time.  Met at the curb by the nicest of helpers, our bags were taken and I got in line to check in.

The Disney magic

The line moved and check in was a breeze!  Even for someone like me who had actual paper because she can not read and see that she  needed to check in online 48 hours in advance!  We were issued our ‘boarding group’ – which happened to be going on board right then – and walked right up and onto the boat.

The Disney Magic

As our eyes drank in the beautiful, colorful atrium, it was announced, “Please help Welcome to The Disney Magic, The Pace Family!”  The girls grinned big while a spattering of applause greeted us.  It’s a little thing but it meant more than you would think!

We had a few hours until we could get into our Stateroom so we tooled around the boat a little, toured the AMAZING kids area – more on that tomorrow – and enjoyed the FREE food that The Disney Magic was serving up to everyone.  All the while we were greeted with smiles, hellos, high fives for the girls and an overwhelming feeling that we were special.

The Disney Magic

It really was a an amazing experience just to get aboard!  Imagine what else we experienced….  from amazing food, a creative welcome to our stateroom every night, swimming for hours a day, port stops that were beautiful and warm, new friendships forged, play days that left everyone happy and SO SO SO much more….  we experienced the MAGIC.  And over the next week, I can not wait to share it all with you!

The Disney Magic

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**I sailed The Disney Magic for review purposes only.  All opinions, writings, photos and comments are my own based on my experience.  No financial compensation was received. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**