I have been dying to talk to you guys about one of my absolute favorite things about the Disney Cruise I went on last month!  I so planned to have this up earlier but – well – you know!

The Disney Magic

One of the reasons, I think, that most parents want to go on vacation with their kids is to see the wonder, excitement and memory making moments in their children’s faces.  We like to see the innocence of childhood radiate as they believe in fairy tales, pixie dust and live in the same stories we did when we were young.

On a Disney Cruise, you get the luxury, variety and quality of a trip to Disney World with the intimacy of a boat and the convenience of everything being right on board.  This includes the ever elusive Princesses and characters that are the real treat when on a Disney vacation!

The Disney Magic

And they are everywhere!  At deck parties, at meals and even in the main part of the boat, just there to talk and hug your children and paint a smile on your face of pride that rivals your children’s of glee.

Below is my slide show of everyone from Mickey to Cinderella to Chip and Dale.  Enjoy and imagine the looks on your children’s faces as they meet their ‘celebrities’:

Isn’t that wonderful?  Did you see the smiles?  The amazement?  The joy?  Do you remember that in your own childhood?

A Disney Cruise out of Galveston is more than a boat ride with great food and five star accommodation  shows and events.  It is a dream come true for your children and in turn, for you.  A floating fantasy world where the parents are the heros and the characters are the friends that they never thought they would get to dance with and talk to and be around. A simple princess dress can make a little girl feel special and a hug from Mickey can lead to sweet dreams for a year.

The Disney Magic

Plan your Disney Cruise and sail out of Galveston.  You will relive the magic every time your children share their memories!

Want to go on a Disney Cruise?  Sail out of GALVESTON, TX!  Included in the 2013 schedule are trips to JAMAICA!!  Book now and take the family on an adventure that everyone will love!

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