This is back in the news so I thought I’d repost it to see what everyone thinks 4 month later!


A top story on my local newscast this evening was a story about a European doll, manufactured since 2009, hitting US Shelves.  Why is it attracting attention?

Because it features an apron with flowers for nipples and a baby who makes sucking noises and cried to be nursed.  The child puts the apron on and “nurses” her baby doll.

Bebe Gloton – or the “Breast Milk Baby”, is being released this spring on US Shelves.

I do not know how I feel about this baby doll.  This toy that my children will no undoubtedly see on shelves of retailers in our area.  And most likely ask for.

Would I buy it?  Would I entertain the idea of buying it?

I don’t know.

When Megan was born, I had an almost 3 year old and an almost 2 year old. They certainly took notice of my breastfeeding and even asked if they could feed sometimes.  I thought it was cute, even told them that they could, and laughed as they ran off – acting like silly girls.  And I do remember Sarah sitting next to me with her baby “nursing” her as well.

But, in general, their baby dolls are bottle fed.  It is how they came out of the package and I see no reason to encourage anything different.

I try to imagine my little girls, in their rooms, with a “nursing” coat on with flowers where nipples should be, “nursing” a toy that makes sucking noises while it does.  And I have a hard time doing so without getting an icky kind of feeling.

But on the other hand, all three of my daughters were breastfed, and I see it as a natural occurrence in baby care.  And it has never bothered me when moms have nursed in restaurants or stores or anywhere else.

So it would stand to reason that this doll would not bother me at all.

And yet it does.

Does that make me a hypocrite?

I don’t know.

So I turn to you – my trusty, amazing readers.

What are your thoughts on this controversial doll?  Do you see it as a promotion of the lesson of human nutrition and education?  Or do you think it feeds more fire to the dragon of making our children grow up too fat?

I really am interested in all sides and opinions!