Get your copy of The Avengers on Blue-Ray Combo at Walmart September 25, 2012 at midnight & Download The Avengers Augmented Reality App for fun activities throughout the store and more!

Any reason to celebrate being a family with my girls is a Great Day!  But to be able to have a Family Fun Night and celebrate the release of the much anticipated, The Avengers on Blu-Ray Combo DVD at Walmart, is just a blast!

The Avengers at Walmart #MarvelAvengersWMT

 To help in the celebration, the COOLEST App ever has been released!  Download The Avengers Augmented Reality App and check this out!  Basically, the app triggers some awesome activities when you point your iPhone, iPad or Android phone at certain The Avengers merchandise within the store!  For instance, I pointed mine at Marketside Pizza with The Avengers Characters on it and up popped a 3D city with a fight scene.  It really is awesome and you – I mean, ahem – your kids will love using it throughout the store!  Use the “Join the Avengers” option on the app to activate the activities.

The Avengers Augmented Reality App at Walmart #MarvelsAvengersWMT

All you have to do is download the app, log in and then find the merchandise in the store and point your phone at it.  Different activities come up with each item that you point your phone to.  It is just so unique and fun and I want to hear all about what you found when you used it at Walmart.  Also with the app, you can take The Avengers Quiz and test your knowledge and play a Free Game too!  Very cool!

The Map of Trigger Points for the Augmented Reality App at Walmart #MarvelsAvengersWMT

Check out this The Avengers Clip below too:

Now, onto how we celebrated the release of The Avengers on DVD!

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Family Fun Nights are a mainstay in our house.  Whether it be a movie, a game or just reading new books, any time I can spend with my girls making them a big deal is a winner night for me!

I headed to Walmart with my kids to a) play with the app and b)  get things to help get us in The Avengers mood!  Now, you might be thinking, “Why is a mom with three little girls into The Avengers?”  Because my little girls are Super Hero’s to me and the movie is DA BOMB!  Plus, I don’t gender choose here so for them to dress up like super hero’s and play around is not unusual!

A 3D Action Activity with the Augmented Reality App #Marvel

I headed to the Deli area first and picked up a few Marketside Pizza’s.  If you have never had one of these…!  At a bargain price way less than take out and way better, these pizza’s are so full of toppings and quality ingredients.  Seriously, the Pepperoni pizza had layers of ingredients.  It was soooo good!

I got a smaller cheese pizza and the large pepperoni for less than $15.00.  Not too shabby considering the quality and toppings you get!

After picking up some awesome The Avengers merchandise for my kids, along with a totally unrelated Angry Birds game, I headed home to have some fun with my kids!  When you are at the display, look for the AWESOME The Avengers Graphic Novel!  I received this book and it is an fun collectors item with colorful photos, info on the movie and more!  Every The Avengers fan should have one!

Marketside Pizza

I baked the pizza, sharing some of the pepperoni with my neighbors sons and then unveiled the AWESOME Iron Man, Captain America and Incredible Hulk masks I purchased {available ONLY at Walmart}.  I then pulled the Captain America Shields out and I saw my three little girls squeal with glee as they strapped on the masks and saved the world from the bad guys!

Megan merged into Captain America with style, Sarah made Iron Man shine and Katie turned the Incredible Hulk into a fighting machine within the house.  They all got Captain America Shields and spent the night alternating masks and playing “save the princess/ barbie/ house/ attack the bad guy”.  It was SO MUCH FUN and I laughed and laughed!

We took a break to have our Marketside pizza – which we all devoured – before heading back to play and protect the world from the bad guy, aka ME!

The Avengers

As they started to wind down, I pulled out the Angry Birds game and they flung birds across the table.  Hysterical, fun and a great way to learn hand/ eye coordination.

We still play The Avengers whenever they feel like it. In fact, the masks and shields are a permanent fixture on my couch now and I am so happy to see them using their imagination and having fun!

Pick up your copy of The Avengers on Blu-Ray DVD September 25, 2012 at Walmart and get your exclusive merchandise to go with it!  PLUS, download the app for in store fun and out of store games!  There is a reason The Avengers blew up the box office!  Get your copy while you can!

The Avengers on DVD


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