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The 5 Types of Moms In Car Line We All Know

We just celebrated Mother’s Day and it was awesome. Not because I had to bake and cook all day. Not because I actually hired someone to take my kids to the pool for a few hours so I could work. But because I got to spend it with my kids. Yes, they were helping me cook. Yes, they had to go to the store twice with me. Yes, we finally made it out to dinner – for burgers – while on another trip to the school. But I was with them and that really is all I need to have a perfect Mother’s Day. Since my daughters were born, that is all I have ever needed. As babies I thought I needed more. Flowers, cake and jewelry were nice but, as my kids age and I realize that they are about to be at that, ‘I would rather be at my friend’s house.’ phase, I just relish time with them. I also know that on a daily basis, mom’s do everything. So why should they only be celebrated one day a year? As I sit in car line watching all the moms, and the two dads, actually, wait to drop off their kids for the day, I am struck with the knowledge that every single one of them deserves to be celebrated for a lot longer. Like a full month long!! Mother’s Month should just be a thing! Sam’s Club and Pampers agree with me too because they are offering super savings all month long so that moms (and dads) can save while diapering their child!

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The 5 Types of Moms In Car Line We All Know Pampers

While contemplating this Mother’s Month, I am struck with the variety of moms there are. None of us fit into a mold. However, in car line, while sitting and watching, I have categorized Car Line Moms! These women deserve to be taken out to dinner, deserve manicures at least weekly and deserve praise always!

Which one are you?

The Cell Phone Mom

Hear a honk in the car pool line? See gap larger than a car length in between her and the car in front of her, invariable driving every one nuts? She is the cell phone mom that has her head buried, no doubt managing her day from the phone, in complete oblivion to anything going on around her. I will admit, I have been this mom. If my kids are busy and don’t need my attention, why not read my emails, check my bank balance and order my groceries online? Car line is a safe place to do so, after all!

The Tired Mom

We are all tired moms, let’s face it. But this is the mom that you see put her seat back and ‘rests’. Undoubtedly, however, her children are jumping all over her preventing her nap. If she does manage a few minutes of shut eye in the afternoon car line, you see her yawning and begrudgingly moving forward to pick her kids up. She undoubtedly has a baby in the car and hasn’t seen the side of a good night sleep since college.

The I’m Always In a Hurry Mom

The 5 Types of Moms In Car Line We All Know like crazed mom

This is the mom who is looking at her watch, constantly inching forward and lays on the horn should anyone delay. She is late for work or late for an appointment and always in a hurry! Her doors swing open the moment the bell rings and her kids don’t wait for the teachers to open the doors. She loves but has to go.

The Celebrating Mom

The mom who celebrates everything is the most fun in car line. She is the one that drives up, windows down, music blaring, she and the kids dancing in their seats. She is just happy and excited to be a mom and to be dropping them at school for the day.

The Crazed Mom

We all know her. We have all been her. The mom that speeds into car line, clearly barking orders at the kids to hurry up, barely making the bell. Her kids jump out in a hurry, shoes generally untied, as she leans over to brush their hair one more time. She jumps out to give the kids a kiss goodbye and something falls out of the car with her. A to-go cup, a snack wrapper… her purse. Her hair is in a messy ponytail and she looks frantic. We have ALL been her. We ALL know that feeling well!

Whatever kind of mom you are, or that you see yourself as, you deserve celebrating all month long! Grab your babies and your Sam’s Club membership and take advantage of the savings on Pampers Diapers and Wipes!  You can buy just one box for savings, or you can buy up to three and put up to $15 back in your pocket (and money you can use to treat yourself!)

What kinds of moms do you see in car line?

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