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There are many reasons that Texas is Home. Here are 5! #FromHereForHere

My friends and I were sitting in a restaurant last night having an awesome girl’s night out. We were laughing and having a great time, sharing stories like only great friends can. A gentleman sitting a bit down from us was wearing a team shirt from Kentucky. At some point we got into a conversation with him. He said he has just moved to Texas and wanted to know why we loved it so much. It was a little hot for him and he missed his home state. We looked at each other, all three life long Texans and just said, ‘It’s Texas. It is in our blood. Even if we lived somewhere else, our hearts would always be in Texas.’ It is just where we feel ‘home’. We then joked that the secret to living in and loving Texas is water. Drink lots and lots of Ozarka® Natural Spring Water. There are 5 Reasons Texas is Home for my and my girls. Well, there are many, many more… but these are the ones that make my hometown awesome in this great state!

Tomball, TX is nestled near Houston and is the reason Texas is Home. #FromHereForHere ad

There really is no other state I could live in and, 6 years ago, I found the part of it that will be home for me and my girls. Tomball, TX is a little town with country values and a relaxed atmosphere. When I found my house, tucked in the back of a private neighborhood which boasted properties on an acre of land or more, I didn’t care that it was 35 years old and vacant for the last 5, and needed an immense amount of work. I loved the bones of it and the 100 year old pine trees that shaded it even on a hot, Texas afternoon. Little did I know that the places around my newfound home added even more character to make this a place that is perfect for me.

The official welcome to a Texan. Texas is home for a reason. #FromHereForHere ad

Town Square

The Town Square in Tomball is part of why Texas is Home. #FromHereForHere ad

Tomball has an old time town square that boasts festivals and activities almost every weekend. Live music, free carnivals for the kids and even movie nights are frequent events. I love taking my girls and watching as they soak up a real old time town and it’s perfect blend of charm and history! In this square is an old time ice cream shop that the girls and I love. It also houses some bull statues that the kids love to ‘ride’ and a few restaurants that still serve up some serious home cooking. Backs by an old train car that has been restored and other features that take us back to the first days of Tomball, it is a place we can spend the day and relax.

Relax and soak up the charm because Texas is Home. #FromHereForHere ad

Kleb Woods Natural Preserve

Kleb Woods Natural Preserve is one of the reasons Texas is Home. #FromHereForHere

Not far from me is a nature preserve that I love to go walk. With miles of winding trails under the cover of old trees, the cool walk always clears my mind. I grab my Ozarka® Natural Spring Water and can spend hours walking through, climbing over fallen trees and old time wooden bridges to dodge small valleys in the landscape. It is so quiet, only the sounds of nature interrupting my thoughts, and I rarely pass anyone else on the trails. I do see the occasional bunny rabbit hopping through and love that. It is a natural haven that can rejuvenate anyone that needs the long armed hugs of nature.

Be hugged by nature as you walk among the trees, soaking up why Texas is Home. #FromHereForHere ad

By the way, did you know that Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water comes from 3 Texas springs and has a uniquely Texan fresh taste? That is why it is so good and refreshing no matter where you live!

Antique Shopping

Antique Shopping in Old Town Tomball is a reason Texas is Home. #FromHereForHere ad

Along the main road in the center of Tomball lies row after row of antique shops housing everything from old books and treasures that others might see as junk. I can spend hours roaming through these stores, finding little trinkets and memories of books and toys of my childhood, now considered classics. I love to take the girls to the stores letting them see the piles of history looking for a respecting home. A shopper can spend all day roaming up and down, stopping at the Whistle Stop Tea room for lunch, taking in the small town feel that reminds us of where we came from.

Find hidden treasures while antique shopping because history is important when Texas is Home. #FromHereForHere ad

The People

Find people of all makes and models when Texas is Home. #FromHereForHere ad

The people of Tomball range everywhere from the new families moving out of the city and into a space to breathe to the people who grew up here and raised their families here. Their personalities as eclectic as the town itself, I have found my lifelong friends here. Kindness, generosity and a relaxed, country attitude is the norm around here and not the exception. Just like just about anywhere in Texas, you will find those country value roots running deeply in the heart of those in Tomball.

Even the cattle get a shout out when talking about why Texas is Home. #FromHereForHere ad

Tomball, TX is just home to me. I grew up in Austin, TX, lived in Houston for a while and then realized that I needed a place where the kids could ride their bikes and where they got to live the best life possible. Tomball gives that to me and I can not imaging living anywhere else. That’s what happens when a place is in your heart.

Hidden Treasures

Tonball, TX and all if it's southern charm is why Texas is Home. #FromHereForHere ad

No town is perfect but I love my town and the hidden treasures that make it home. Around any corner you can find statues, signs and a real appreciation for history and Texas. I can not imagine living anywhere else.

What makes your home perfect for you? Have you been to Texas? I would love to hear all about it!