The latest craze among my friends are games on Facebook.  I love Facebook games too.  Though I do not have a lot of free time, I do like to get on and play with friends to reduce stress and just to reconnect to those I miss.  In fact, half of the people who log onto Facebook are there strictly for the games!  It was Bejeweled for a bit and then the craze went to Farmville.  But now, there is a new game that is full of fantasy and intrigue to share with your friends and capture your attention!

Tail TownsFriends™ is an enchanted world of mystery with tales of intrigue, treachery and forbidden love.

This fun and fantastical game boasts a host of different features that regular Facebook gamers are used to!   Players help friends create their ultimate country getaway by supplying businesses and more.  It is FREE to play and will help you use your creative side as you decorate a beautiful country retreat of your dreams!   This proven casual game play of harvesting, decorating and commerce is entwined  in a drama of mystery, romance and treachery.

Using totally real looking photo graphics, the game is beautifully illustrated and creatively drawn.  And just like on TV, the beauty of the “set” house soap opera like storylines that are filled with as much drama as you want!

Tail Towns Friends is more than just a game that let’s you harvest and meet and help friends.  It is a story, cleverly told that grows and becomes more and more intricate as you play.  The more you play, the more complex and intriguing the story becomes!

Something else Tail Towns Friends has cleverly done is embed codes into some really cute figurines that you can collect!   Each figurine is a designed collectible polystone figure, fully hand-painted, with exquisite ornate details.  You can register a Tail Towns™ figurine and get an exclusive look into the character’s storyline.  Find out his or her secret life within the town and watch it unfold with humor and drama. Each figurine gives you with an exclusive specialty décor virtual item that provides daily rewards.

Do you want to WIN one of these figurines so you can dive even more into this awesome new game?

DESCRIBE your ‘dream garden’ or ‘country getaway’ in a tweet using the HASHTAG #TailTowns and then come back here and leave your Tweet link under the comments section!

Giveaway ends 8/3/2012 at 11:59pm EST – only comments with Tweet links will be counted.

That is it!  A Tweet for a figurine!

Now go start playing Tail Towns Friends and enjoy the expertly written game!

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