SolScents Scented Sunscreen Offers Unique Skin Care Review & Giveaway

Let’s admit it ladies… sometimes we are so worried about out kids and their skin care in the sun that we forget about our own! Worst yet, we sometimes simply omit sunscreen because we don’t want to smell like it. Add greasy formulas that seem to run anytime we are in the sun and we [...]

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Raw Elements Organic Sunscreen Review & Sweet Relish Are Making My Summer Safer + GIVEAWAY #RawElementsUSA *Expired*

Summer is almost here!  Time to get the kids and head out into the sun!  Time for sprinklers, pools and ice cream to laze the days away! It is also time to get serious about the harmful rays of the sun and protecting you and your kids from skin cancer!  We have all heard the warnings.  And [...]

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