Summer is almost here!  Time to get the kids and head out into the sun!  Time for sprinklers, pools and ice cream to laze the days away!

It is also time to get serious about the harmful rays of the sun and protecting you and your kids from skin cancer!  We have all heard the warnings.  And using sunscreen is a great step to protect your self and kids all summer long!

I received Raw Elements Physical Eco Protection Sunscreen and am so excited to test it out in the heat of the day.  I love the lotion that I got but was most excited about the Eco Stick that I could throw in my purse and use when I needed it!

Raw Elements #RawElementsUSA

Both the Eco Stick and the lotion are water resistant up to 80 minutes and reef safe for those exploring swims!  They are also organic and all natural making them a great alternative to some with chemicals inside.  In addition, they will not run, sting your eyes and are safe for all ages!

I love that I can use Raw Eleements on me and my kids and not have to carry around multiple bottles of sunscreen!  I tested the products on my kids and I do love the ease of the Eco Stick.  But I also love that I can cover larger areas faster with the lotion.  Either way, I know that we will all be protected from the sun and potentially skin cancer all summer long!

And a little birdie told me that these sticks last FOREVER!!!  So I’ll let you know if I run out of mine this summer!

To also help protect my families skin, I have started creating my Sweet Relish Summer Products I Love page!  If you have not used Sweet Relish yet, you are missing out!  Think Pinterest meets Amazon!  Anything you see on any website can be added to one of your Sweet relish pages.  When you want to buy it, you can purchase it directly from the Sweet Relish site!   It’s SO cool!

Raw Elements #RawElementsUSA

My Summer Sweet Relish Page is getting full but I know that I will not forget something or have to search to find the item again . They are all in one place!  Sign up now for Sweet relish and enjoy all of the awesomeness of the site! And to celebrate Summer and being safe head to toe, (1) one of my readers will WIN a Raw Elements pack like I received!  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!!

**I received this product for review purposes only. All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**

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