Let’s admit it ladies… sometimes we are so worried about out kids and their skin care in the sun that we forget about our own! Worst yet, we sometimes simply omit sunscreen because we don’t want to smell like it. Add greasy formulas that seem to run anytime we are in the sun and we have every excuse in the book not to use sunscreen. Welcome to added wrinkles and dark spots if we don’t use it. NEW SolScents Sunscreens have worked to resolve at least a few of our excuses! I have to say, I LOVE these unique sunscreens that have protection and fun all in one!

SolScents Sunscreen

Available in SPF 15, 30 and 50, SolScents appeals to your sense of smell to help make it easier to protect your skin. In delicious scents like Vanilla Silk and Piña Colada, I truly want to wear them. Sun screen is always a good idea. It protects against so many skin issues like skin cancer, skin abnormalities and more. We need it from babyhood to grandmotherhood and everyday in between. It is imperative that we make sunscreen a part of our daily routine.

In fact, according to Richie L. Lin, MD, board-certified dermatologist,consistent use of sunscreen is a main factor in preventing signs of premature aging including skin discoloration, dark spots and creases. According to Dr. Lin, “Moderating sun exposure over your lifetime is probably the single best thing one can do to slow the aging process. If you can prevent it from happening, you will be ahead of the game.”

SolScents Sunscreen

Because SolScents are have delicate scents that I get a small wiff of everyday, they serve to add a little flair to my skin along with protection. Available in Texas on HEB shelves, you can also get your favorite scent online!

Check out the video below for more on SolScents

The other thing I really love about SolScents is that each scent corresponds with a charitable cause. The three scents I received, Cucumber Melon, Raspberry Dreams and Deep love all donate a portion of the sales price to charities. Raspberry Dreams goes to heart disease prevention, Deep Love to support bullying awareness and Cucumber Melon sales help support environmental protection. Every time you buy, you donate to a cause!

In addition, y0u can choose the amount of SPF protection you want! SolScents are available in the following scents and SPF levels:

  • Vanilla Silk: SPF 15
  • Piña Colada: SPF 15
  • Cucumber Melon: SPF 30
  • Deep Love: SPF 30
  • Angelica: SPF 30
  • Flower Blast: SPF 50
  • Raspberry Dreams: SPF 50

SolScents Sunscreen

Which scent do you think will be your favorite?  I have to admit, I can not choose which I love more from the three I received. They all have subtle scents that not only smell amazing but remind me that my skin is protected all day long.

Get your SolScents today!


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