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I love my sustainable clothing from prAna

When asked what I know about sustainable clothing I am hard pressed to come up with anything. Words like Hemp seem sort of ‘new age’ and ‘Hollywood’. Real people don’t have stuff like that. Do we? If we do, what is the point? I now have sustainable clothing and I now understand why it is a necessary thing for our planet and a very necessary thing for the way I feel about myself. prAna has made me a believer with the clothing that I happily received from them!
Sustainable Clothing Yoga pants are soft and easy to wear!

I looked and looked at the website trying to find something I *might* look good enough for pictures in. I am not a size 2, or 6… or 8, so I often wonder if a lot of the clothes out there were even made with me in mind. I could not get my mind off then Cali Dress and kept going back to it time and time again. They actually had my size and, though my mind help saying ‘It won’t look that good on you!’, I ordered it. Surely it would not be that bad, right?

My Cali Dress is my new favorite! Who says Sustainable Clothing can't be pretty?

Surfing the site I came across so many beautiful things. Relaxing looking clothing that was good for Planet Earth as well. I came across the Yoga/ Fitness section and stopped again. As a short lady, finding good workout pants that let me breath is virtually impossible. So, even on the coldest days, I just wear shorts. But as I looked over the entire section I kept clicking back on the Chetan Capri. Why now, I thought. I really do need workout pants that I love and these looked amazingly comfortable!

Sustainable Clothing is my new must have

Now that I have the clothes I will say that I am beyond impressed with the quality, the material – which I honestly thought would be dry and scratchy – sooo NOT – and the attention to detail that makes even me look good in these clothes! I have worn, and washed, both items several times already and they look just as they did the day I got them. Not wrinkled, not fuzzy, not faded. Maybe there is something to this ‘sustainable clothing’ thing, after all!

The back of the Cali Dress is just as flattering as the front. Style and Sustainable Clothing all in one

In all seriousness, there really are massive benefits to us understanding and falling in love with sustainable clothing. They show a love for our planet as prAna offers sustainable, recycled, fair trade certified and hemp items. Not only that, but prAna prioritizes giving back to communities all over the world. prAna designs clothing that looks good but is versatile enough for any lifestyle and any adventure. It’s common for prAna fans to wear their gear to work and to go for a hike. I can wear my dress from home to dinner to Crossfit to watch friends work out and feel as though I am dressed perfectly the entire time!

All that being said, I do still wonder about Hemp and how it can be made into soft, luxurious clothing. This helped me understand so I wanted to pass it on.

I think that prAna is a discovery that I am very glad that I was introduced too. I currently have in my cart the Liana Sweater and a few other items. Using my 15% discount code that you can use too: PMOMADM*, I will be pressing order without hesitation. These are clothes that I will have for years to come!

Sustainable clothing can be soft and beautiful

What do you know about sustainable clothing?

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