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I know all too well the feeling of drowning as a mother. The constant job of taking care of the children, the spouse, the house, the laundry, the cleaning, the discipline and on and on. It is a thankless job most of the time, let’s be honest. Yes, little hands around your neck, sweet kisses and the sweet sound of ‘mommy’ do make a difference. But when added stresses like financial strain or other people criticizing your for our parenting decisions are added, the drowning sensation can lead us to a dark place that is hard to get out of all on our own. I honestly think we all get there. I know I have and that most of my friends have as well. This is when supporting other moms becomes so incredibly important. We have to reach out and lend that kind word, that helping hand and that genuine hug to all moms out there, whether we understand their situation or not.

Supporting Other Moms is as Simple as Asking What They Need #SisterhoodUnite (ad)

I specifically remember a time when the smallest act of support jump started my motivation to get out of my funk. I was a mom with three daughters under the age of three. In our genius minds, my ex husband and I had decided to sell our house and move into a massive fixer upper where I still reside. In the 6 month ordeal we had buyers of our old house fall through, the sellers demanding ridiculous things and a mess of a life day to day. Showings, babies, three dogs and a real estate market that was sinking made this one of the darkest times in my life.

One day, out of the blue, as yet another buyer could not obtain financing for the house, my doorbell rang. It was one of my dearest friends and her friend. They had brought two cars, their five kids combined and the message that they were taking the girls and giving me 2 hours to myself. They wanted me to take a shower, relax and enjoy just a little time alone. I was to meet them later at her house for a home cooked meal for me and my kids.

Supporting Other Moms is as Simple as Asking What They Need #SisterhoodUnite (ad)

It, to this day, is the kindest and most supportive thing I can think of that came along at just the right time. I always vowed to pay it forward any time I saw a mom in the midst of drowning too. I try to. I really do. I steal them away for a simple movie, dinner or a pedicure. Because supporting other moms is as simple as asking them what they need and then trying to give them that time.

What kind act has someone done for you when you are drowning in the stresses of life? I would love to hear your story!

What is the Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood and why am I so proud to be a part of it?

Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood #SisterhoodUnite #ParentsFirst

This is the perfect place for me and ADayinMotherhood.com. I am all about accepting anyone and everyone regardless of the decisions they make on raising their kids. As long as children are loved, cared for, appreciated and not harmed, I really don’t care if you breastfeed or nurse, work out of the home or don’t, had a baby with or without assistance or co-sleep or don’t. I believe that women have been birthing and raising children a lot longer than I have and the natural instinct to love and care for them is in us all. Therefore, regardless of the style, we all have wanting to get it right embedded in us! Partnering with Similac and their Sisterhood of Motherhood message to help change the language and to dissuade judgement is a great partnership I am excited about! Come join me over the next few months in promoting a positive message about mothers and their differences!


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