**I am a proud Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood Partner. With my own, uninfluenced opinions, I will share articles on how to support and uplift moms everywhere! Come join us on the Sisterhood of Motherhood website!**

#SisterhoodUnite #ParentsFirst

Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood #SisterhoodUnite #ParentsFirst

We all have our daily goals. Don’t drop the baby, don’t put salt in our coffee instead of sugar, don’t burn dinner… again. We just want the day to be good. We want our children happy, our house to be cleaned by fairies and friends who understand and support us. Even if they don’t agree with us completely about how we are raising and taking care of our children. But sometimes, when we are stressed out and tired or when we let the naysayers on social media creep in, or we have a conviction that we are really passionate about, we forget that we are all in this together. That the most important thing about raising a child is that it is loved and cared for in a positive way so that it can pay for our nursing homes later. The other important thing? Supporting every mother along the way!

Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood #SisterhoodUnite #ParentsFirst

The absolute easiest way to make someones day is with words. I have written about it before. The woman who paid for my dinner one night was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. But something as simple as words can make a huge difference as well. Words of encouragement in a grocery store still stay with me, words of kindness at the park or even a simple smile while in the middle of a child’s melt down in public makes a difference.

I see it all the time online and in my group of moms at school. The noses go up as the opinions roll off the  tongues. ‘I can not believe she let her wear that to school!’, ‘She has what packed in the lunchbox?’ ‘Oh my gosh, why is she feeding that baby formula?!?!’

Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood #SisterhoodUnite #ParentsFirst

The real words that should be spoken are, ‘Look at her confidence in letting her daughter express herself!’, ‘WOW, I bet my child would think that is such a fun thing to have in their lunch every once in a while!’ and ‘Taking care of a baby is so tiring and exhausting, look at her loving and caring for that sweet baby.’

Changing the language we use to describe other mothers is a simple as support. One kind word, one hand opening the door for her to get through with her stroller, one smile in her direction when her child is not loving the grocery card and letting everyone around her know it is all it takes. One simple act of accepting something she is doing that you would NEVER do with your child is the message that should be sent. Turn the judgement into support, one day at a time, one mom at a time.

It is not that hard.

YOU are an amazing mom doing an amazing job!

See – that is all it takes!

How do you support and encourage moms around you even if you don’t agree on some decisions they are making?

What is the Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood and why am I so proud to be a part of it?

Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood #SisterhoodUnite #ParentsFirst

This is the perfect place for me and ADayinMotherhood.com. I am all about accepting anyone and everyone regardless of the decisions they make on raising their kids. As long as children are loved, cared for, appreciated and not harmed, I really don’t care if you breastfeed or nurse, work out of the home or don’t, had a baby with or without assistance or co-sleep or don’t. I believe that women have been birthing and raising children a lot longer than I have and the natural instinct to love and care for them is in us all. Therefore, regardless of the style, we all have wanting to get it right embedded in us! Partnering with Similac and their Sisterhood of Motherhood message to help change the language and to dissuade judgement is a great partnership I am excited about! Come join me over the next few months in promoting a positive message about mothers and their differences!


Remember this commercial? Still one of the best ever! And one of the reasons I am so proud to be a partner!

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