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Super Wubble Review - It's FUN!

Today is the first day of Autumn. That means the leaves will change, the heat will subside and the kids will be spending a lot more time outside! I am all about giving my kids a reason to get out of my house laugh and play and enjoy the outdoors! After all, childhood is the time to run and scream and have a blast! A while back I heard of the Wubble Ball but I was not sure it would entertain my kids for long! I was wrong and now that I have a Super Wubble Ball I see the fascination! It is a big, fun bubble that they can jump on, lay on and kick and throw! It’s too fun!

Kids love the Super Wubble

Super Wubble is up to four times stronger and more tear-resistant than the original Wubble Bubble Ball. Made with a new super stretchy material called Xpandium, it’s super smashable and super squashable. Bounce it, throw it, kick it, smoosh it, smash it, even sit on it!
See for yourself how Super Wubble holds up in the fun YouTube series, Super Wubble Vs. The World, where NSI International, the makers of Super Wubble, drop all kinds of objects on the giant bubble ball from the top of a building. Watch Super Wubble take on everything from a pineapple and a bowling ball to a shopping cart and a toilet! And guess for yourself: Will it pop?

Use the pump for Super Wubble
Remember, while Super Wubble is strong, it’s not indestructible. It can pop if it comes into contact with sharp objects like tacks, broken glass, sharp fingernails or branches – or if played on a rough surface like concrete. For maximum strength and durability, NSI recommends inflating it no more than 30 inches.

The kids really DO love it and it is a lot of fun to watch them play with. OK, I may join in too!

Super Wubble for fun anywhere

A few things to know about the Super Wubble Ball.

  1. Make sure you have brand new batteries for the pump. My recycled batteries would not blow it up past a basketball size. So use new for the biggest bubble!
  2. It deflates within hours of blowing it up. So keep the pump handy to re-inflate, which only takes about 5 minutes!
  3. You need to use the petroleum jelly to get the pump in far enough to blow it up. So when the package is gone from the box, use over the counter to help.
  4. It CAN pop but it is hard. My kids play with it on grass, on concrete, kick it, punch it and everything else and it is holding strong! A patch is included in the box just in case.

kick adn run after the super wubble

This ball that is a bubble offers so much more than something to kick. My girls have a BLAST jumping on it, laying on it and even using it as a ‘bean bag bubble’. It is a fun and unique toy everyone will have a blast with!

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