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Summertime Safety Tips for Kids

Summertime comes with a whole new set of concerns about kids and safety.

Summertime Safety Tips for Kids #TampicisColor (ad)

There is always alertness to pool safety. I am one that believes that no matter how old the child is, supervision is necessary to avoid any traumas. But besides that, there are safety issues that need to be thought of in the summer time that we may relax on during the school year. Like protecting our kids when they play outside or being aware enough to ask the right questions after a day or week at summer camp. In addition, it is our job to make sure our kids stay hydrated and that their skin is protected. Kids generally experience more freedom during the summer so the questions and conversations need to change slightly. I am hyper aware of safety with my kids and maybe even take it too far sometimes. But there are some basics I always am alert to.

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