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What is in My Summmertime Go Anywhere Bag? Sunscreen for sure!

Summer is three weeks away and I could not be more excited. I am one of those moms who absolutely loves throwing the tenuous schedule of the school year out the window and playing in the sun with her kids. We have horseback riding, swimming pool visits, road trips and family hikes to get to and I can not wait. Inevitably, however, I am out and about with my kids and have forgotten something important. Like sunscreen. Or bandages for those teeny-tiny scrapes that cause the really large cry! So, this summer, being a seasoned mom who is finally ‘getting it’, I am packing and placing by the back door my Summertime Go Anywhere Bag. Stocked with essentials like Neutrogena® Sheer Zinc™ from Target, I am determined to be prepared no matter where our unplanned day takes us!

What is in My Summmertime Go Anywhere Bag? Starts with Neutrogena

Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen

I can not stress enough the importance of sunscreen for ANY summertime activity. I have gone to Target and picked up all three varieties of Neutrogena Sheer Zinc™. I have the Sheer Zinc® SFF 30 Lotion, the Sheer Zinc™ 50 SPF Face Lotion and the Sheer Zinc™ SPF 50 Lotion. While it may seem like overkill to have three in my Summertime Go Anywhere bag, I think it is smart. I always have four people with me that need it, including me, and we are always loaning to someone else. In my opinion, there is no such thing as too much sunscreen!

What is in My Summmertime Go Anywhere Bag? Need the essentials

I really like the Neutrogena line and have forever. I love that only Neutrogena Sheer Zinc™ has breakthrough Purescreen® technology powered by naturally-sourced, 100% zinc oxide. It offers superior UVA/UVB sun protection that is effective, yet gentle on even sensitive skin. That is important to me as a mom. Check out some other benefits below:

  • Naturally-sourced zinc oxide
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Sweat and water resistant (80 minutes)
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Oil-free
  • Dermatologist tested Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™ as a suitable sunscreen for persons with sensitive skin conditions.
  • Now in stores

What is in My Summmertime Go Anywhere Bag? Sunscreen for everyone

An added bonus? When you purchase $15 in sun care at Target between 5/21  -5/27, you get a $5 Target GiftCard back! I LOVE these deals and save up my Target GiftCards for purchases later!

Bandages are needed in a Summertime Go Anywhere Bag

What is in My Summmertime Go Anywhere Bag? Bandages for sure!

I have three kids. Three kids that get scratches and bug bites. Whether it is bleeding or not, they always have to have a bandage to make it feel better. Gone are the days when Mommy’s kiss worked. So I keep a box of bandages in my Summertime Go Anywhere bag for just such emergencies. I don’t leave them in the car as the heat can damage them. Packing them in a bag that is easy to grab and go with is best!


What is in My Summmertime Go Anywhere Bag? Lots and lots of water

I know, water is everywhere and water bottles are easy to grab. But I am all into this ‘reduce. reuse. recycle.’ mindset and having a reusable, large, water bottle that I fill with water and ice before leaving the house is essential. I just toss it in the bag and we all have something to share that keeps us hydrated.


What is in My Summmertime Go Anywhere Bag? Umbrella ofr sun or shade

Yes, I live in Texas and yes, summertime showers are rare. However, they do happen and, since I don’t ever seem have enough umbrellas in the car for four, I like to have an extra in a quick grab bag. Plus, umbrellas are great for extra protection against the sun!

Extra Towel

What is in My Summmertime Go Anywhere Bag? an extra towel!

While heading to the pool or beach includes towels, I hardly ever remember that one, or more, always gets soaked, or filthy, or lost. Yes. We even manage to lose towels. So I packed away an extra towel in my Summertime Go Anywhere Bag. If one gets too wet, I still have a spare dry one for the kids. In my opinion, you can never have enough towels!

Portable Charger

What is in My Summmertime Go Anywhere Bag? Power up anywhere!

We all have devices. Phones, tablets, iPod’s and so on. We always have a need to charge and when we are mobile it can be hard to find a plug. So I have included a portable charger in my Summertime Go Anywhere bag so that we have one at our disposal. Just make sure that you recharge it before you head out!

Other items that I take, like snacks and clothing, vary by trip so I pack those real time. But having this Summertime Go Anywhere Bag at my back door and ready to pick up is going to be a lifesaver this summer! Especially the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc™ sunscreen!

What is in My Summmertime Go Anywhere Bag? See mine!

Where are you headed this summer? Do you have your Neutrogena Sheer Zinc™ in your essentials bag?