I am amazed that my kids get out of school in mere weeks!  Already!  And I know that that means that they will be on the laptop and the phones even more wanting to play games when it is too hot to go outside, raining or they are just bored!

So I am going through and making sure that everything I can do to make sure my kids are protected online is being done!  If you have kids that will be home while you are working, ease your worries by making sure you have everything in place to stop predators from stalking your kids!

So head over to the Digital Joneses Website and take the three challenges that can show you how protected your electronic devices are and help you make them more secure!

Are You Digitally Smarter than a 5th Grader?

The Trend Talk Parental Questionnaire

Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist

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I’ll be back soon with how better to protect your SmartPhones!  In the  meantime, check out the great resources that are FREE to help protect your family!  Be sure to check out all of the Digital Joneses Families and learn from them as they test and share their experiences too!

**I am a Digital Joneses Blogger and my family and I will participate in a year long program designed byTrend Micro.  We will receive assets to take the challenges on.  My opinions and writings are 100% mine and can not be duplicated or copied without prior permission.  The assets received in exchange for our input will vary.  Assets received to date:  ASUS Zenbook computer.  Please see my Disclaimers Page for more information.**