The kids are officially home for the summer, which means life gets a little crazy around here. Running a business from home and taking care of the kids 24/7 often leaves little time for mom’s fitness goals. That’s why I’ve put together this resource of some of the best Summer Fitness tips to keep you on track even with the kids under foot.

Don't let your summer fitness goals go to the wayside just because you have kids. Get these tips for staying fit with kids.

Exercise is important. We all know that. Making room for it in our schedule, however, doesn’t always seem to take a priority. We’re a busy society, but it’s important to take the time for us – for our bodies. When we make it a priority to exercise we show our kids that it’s important, and they will also make it important.

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The following are some ways you can add fitness to your families summer routine. What does your summer fitness routine look like?

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Jump on a Trampoline. This isn’t just for kids, Mom. Get out there and jump with them. Check out how Lori and her girls are bouncing around to their fitness goals.

Play a sport. Head outside for a family game of soccer, basketball, or baseball. Nothing beats a friendly game of boys vs girls. Toss all your sporty balls in this handy ball corral from The Family Handyman.

Take a walk. Every member of the family is capable of this. You can plan a certain destination, or just head out and see where the kids take you. I love these 7 fun Nature Walks from Edventures with Kids.

Go for a hike. This may take a little more planning then a simple walk, but a change of scenery will be appreciated by all. Get these tips for day hiking with your family.

Plant a Garden. I’m personally not a big sporty type person, but I love planting a garden. The workout you can give your arms by tilling, weeding, and carrying bags of fertilizer around is pretty awesome. Get the kids involved with their own vegetable garden and you’ll teach them exercise and good eating habits.

Take a family bike ride to keep your summer fitness routine.

Take a family bike ride. This one still intimidates me, but A Cup of Jo has some fantastic tips for Biking with Kids. Currently I like to take just one out on the bike with me. It allows some special parent child bonding time while getting in our fitness.

Go Swimming. The only way to beat the summer heat sometimes is to take the family swimming. Probably the most loved summer fitness activity, but can also be one of the dangerous. Don’t forget to follow these water safety tips.

Have a Dance Party. Get down and boogy with a good old fashioned dance party. Turn on these Kid Friendly Dance Songs from House Mix and get boogy with your kids.

Backyard Obstacle Course. You’ll get a nice workout in putting together an obstacle course for the kids, and the kids will get hours of fun out of running through it. I’m loving this DIY Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.

Yoga. Not every fitness routine has to be out of the house and intense. We like to end our nights with a little bit of yoga to calm our bodies. Cosmic Kids Yoga is my favorite to put on for the kids, and I’ll join in with them. Check out our favorite episode here.

There are so many other summer fitness ideas, but these are our favorites! What do you to do keep active with kids during the summer?