My oldest loves to clean but I still need to teach every day. #MMKidAmbassador #ad

I am the first one to stand up and scream that every family in America, whether it be a working mom out of the home, stay at home mom in the home, or a single mom like me, needs a housekeeping service. Whether it be once a week like I have, once a month or even quarterly, having help around the house to do the things that we all put off until tomorrow is essential to a happy home. At least in my experience, it makes life easier, happier and your home gets really, really clean too. But we all know that, even with the massive clean from housekeepers, we have kids who still need to pitch in between cleanings. They still need to be taught how to clean, how to be consistent and how to help out around the house! ‘But summer is for fun, Moooommm!’ Well, yes it is. But it is also a great time to get your kids to LOVE their summer chores! A little creativity, a little fun and a little patience can lead to happy kids who love a clean environment too!

Now, I am pretty lucky. My oldest daughter, Katie, really loves to clean and be organized. The issue is that her sisters are hit and miss. They like their things where they can find them but they want me to put them there. So Katie will clean something and they will come behind her and unclean it. So, this summer, I am really making an effort to help them understand that if we all work together, chores can be fun and a benefit to us all!

Check out this chore chart by age that I am using to drive the point home to my kids!

Following a chore chart can help everyone pitch in with fun too! #MMKidAmbassador #ad

Here are Five Tips to Get Your Kids to Love their Summer Chores, too!

Turn on the Music!

Everybody need to clean up! During the lazy, hot summer day, it can be hard to motivate the kids to clean up their toys. Especially when they don’t see a reason to! So I crank up the volume and the goal is to get whatever room picked up before the song ends!

Play Date Rewind

My kids LOVE to have play dates! I love them too. But at the end, everyone needs to pitch in and help! So I gather all the kids, including the ones who came to play, and we ‘race to rewind’ the clutter in the rooms. The challenge is for the kids to put things back in reverse of what they got out before the stop watch chimes! They LOVE this game!

Make the Clutter Disappear with a Treasure Hunt

Time to get the kids to hunt out the cleanliness! Set a timer on the stove and then send them on a treasure hunt! First, find all things that have blue on them and put them away. Then, all things with eyes, them things they throw and on and on until the clutter is gone!

Games and music can make summer chores easier! #MMKidAmbassador #ad

Get OUT!!

It is amazing how clean a house stays when kids are not in it! So get out of the house and get the kids some exercise while you keep your sanity! The park, the pool or even a picnic outside to keep the house in order is a must!

Encourage Getting Rid of Things

My girls have a donation box and when it gets full, we take it to the local charity and hand it over! Teaching kids that getting rid of what they don’t use along with encouraging giving back is a great way to keep the house cleaner!