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My hair is a nest egg of a mass most days. With the daily pony tail, and not much else, it breaks and thins out in no time. However, since I have eliminated stress in my life that my hair has started to recover from falling out from a Thyroid issue plus a divorce, I am trying to take better care of it. But my lack of timely hair cuts and continued pony tail by the end of the day comfort zone makes for issues, like split ends. Luckily, this month, I can try Suave Split Ends Rescue Shampoo, Conditioner and products to try to turn my nest into style!

Suave Split Ends rescue

Now on Rollback, Suave Split Ends Rescue might just be what I need! I have tried so many things in the past. Haircuts help, but with three kids who need cuts every 6 weeks, my budget mainly goes to them. Besides, I like the length of hair I have and don’t want to cut it.

I have also tried expensive repair kits and those that celebrities peddle, but just like anything else, it all feels like the same stuff packaged differently.

For years now, I have relied on Suave from everything from deodorant to kid’s tear free shampoo to lotions and more. So now that Split Ends Repair is on Rollback at Walmart, I think I will add it to my cart the next time I head over there! It can’t hurt and if it is as reliable as their other products, it will only help!

How do you tame your flyaways and split ends? I would love to hear!

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