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Every day I wake with the challenge of getting a shower. With the schedules we keep these days, I don’t think anyone would be surprised that some days, it is very late in the day when I finally do get one! But when I do, I want it to count. I want the best products in my shower to use on my hair, especially. As I age, I am realizing that my thinning, aging, hair needs the best too! So I get up, sometime during the day get into the shower, and use Suave products to wash my hair! I also use Suave products to style my hair. With my new, shorter do, I need those more than anything to tame fly-aways and crazy parts that won’t lay right!

rals at Rite Aid  #RiteAidSuaveHairThere is a new Suave on shelves at Rite Aid that I am shopping for the next time I go. Partly because I try everything Suave puts out and mostly because I am a mom on a budget wanting to look amazing and Suave can deliver. Rite Aid can deliver the affordable prices!

Especially right now! Go to Rite Aid from 3/16/14 – 3/22/14 and buy $6 worth of Suave Professionals products to get $2 on your Wellness+ card (towards your next purchase). WOOT!

rals at Rite Aid  #RiteAidSuaveHair

Mix and match the NEW Suave Natural Infusions shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and more and get the most bang for your buck now!

Salon products have nothing on the NEW Suave® Professionals. They work as well as Pureology® and other salon brands so you can have salon-beautiful hair every day. Which is important for those of us moms who watch every dollar! With new Suave Natural Infusions, you put good stuff into your hair (Natural inspired ingredients and free from “nasties”) so you look beautiful, feel good, and radiate goodness outward into the world.

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