Three Real Reasons I Struggle With My Weight

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Three Real Reasons I Struggle With My Weight

Weight Loss. Living Healthy. Making Better Choices. It is all around us. The messages that we all should be making better decisions that help us shed pounds and live a better life. We see them, we hear them and we know that we can make real changes in our lives if we just make the effort. On the flip side, we are also bombarded with images of over the top cakes, massive piles of nachos and other stimulating treats that make us veer off the path we know we should be on. Bad habits are the number one reason that I have put on and have a hard time getting weight off. There are four real reasons that I struggle with my weight. All of them are bad habits cultivated over years of life. But I can break them, I know I can, and the new show on the Z Living Network, The Big Fat Truth, helps me feel like I can break these habits because the people featured break theirs too. Airing Sunday at 8pm EST, each episode addresses the real reasons people struggle with weight, and gives them the tools and the optimism they need to transform their lives. I don’t know about you, but I could use all the tools I can find! 

I Like Cake

Three Real Reasons I Struggle With My Weight one is cake

Chocolate cake. Vanilla Cake. Red velvet cake. Cookie cake. Ice cream cake. The options are endless. I see it, I want to eat it. It is the same with pretty much any sweet. Almost two years ago, my weight was really packing on. I finally got off my hiney and hit a CrossFit box. As you can see in my first year of progression photos, I did lose inches. But the pounds were still there. Sure, I was gaining muscle but I was frustrated. I was still eating every sweet in sight with the, “But I workout!”, excuse behind me. I had to teach myself to avoid the cakes, cookies and other sweets that were around me. I had to stop bringing them in the house. Only recently have I been able to shop at the store and not buy one single sweet. As a result, I see that losing pounds really is possible for me now!

I am terrible at moderation

Three Real Reasons I Struggle With My Weight because I suck at moderation

If I hear one more expert say, “everything in moderation” I am going to scream. If I were good at moderation I would not be in this mess. I am bad at it. Only recently, with the help of my nutritionist, have I started to understand that portion control has a LOT to do with moderation. I am even learning that when I go to a restaurant, putting half the meal in a to-go box before I eat is ‘technically’ moderation. I cannot wait to see how The Big Fat Truth helps people with this issue. I would say most of us have a hard time really eating the portions we are supposed to. I am really looking forward to see how the show deals with this bad habit!

“I Get Burnt Out” is a real reason I struggle with my weight

Three Real Reasons I Struggle With My Weight is burn out

Burnout on life is natural. Getting burnt out when you are trying to lose weight and live healthier is a struggle. When I say burnt out, I mean that I get tired of making the good choices. I get tired of passing on dessert, chicken with cream sauce, mac and cheese and other foods that I known darn well are just there for my comfort. Sure, I can make delicious and healthier option foods that are warm and delicious but, after a while, I just throw up my hands and give up. It is the main reason that I have carried this extra weight around for so long. I get to day 6 or 7 and then indulge on a huge bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo and it’s all over. I am sure the people on The Big Fat Truth have the same burn out. I am so excited to see how the experts help them break that burn out!

We all have our weaknesses when it comes to living a healthier life. As I said, any and all tools are helpful to me. Set your DVR for Sundays at 8pm ET for The Big Fat Truth and let’s all break those bad habits together! Check out the line up!

Episodes will air weekly on Sundays at 8e/p on Z Living. Every week features a different set of contestants/participants who are looking to break their bad habits that are detrimental and damaging to their health.

Share with me your biggest reason you struggle with your health and weight.  I would love to hear it! 

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