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STOP DIETING: How to Be a Little Bad and Leave Your Lover!

Yea, I said it! BE a little BAD! Leave your LOVER! STOP DIETING! When you do, things will start to happen. You will start to feel better and lose that stubborn weight that you have been fighting forever! Talk about a Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving! Now, full disclosure. When I say ‘Be bad’, I mean ‘allow yourself your treats’… in moderation. When I say ‘Leave your Lover’, I mean those foods and habits that keep us all weighted down and not fitting into that dress we could in high school! In my journey of health and wellness, I have ping ponged around, even paying hundreds to a wellness doctor that, at least, put me on the right path. But as a real woman, busy with kids and two companies to run, my newest discovery may be my most realistic. Weight Loss Specialist Lorie Eber, her two books and her 8-week online weight-loss nutrition counseling programs, may just be the key to unlocking that health profile that I want to own!

How to Be a Little Bad, stop dieting and Leave Your Lover - How to be well once and for all

As you guys know from watching my Facebook Live videos, I have been through my ups and downs with my weight since hitting 40. Having gained most of it during my first pregnancy  with my 10 YEAR OLD daughter, the only time I was able to shed it was during my divorce. I do not recommend that diet plan as the 50 pounds I lost in a matter of months seems to reappear in a matter of days as I recovered. I recommend taking real stock in what you want, your habits and owning your lifestyle. Seeing the wellness doctor, which is someone who assess and aids in supplements that can help you based on your conversation, put me on path to really take a look at things. But the expense and lack of time to run to a doctors office every few weeks was just too much. Searching online did not help, and, though I see a medical doctor as well, he was not all that great at a more natural way to lose weight. I need to STOP DIETING and start learning!

Stop Dieting: How to Be a Little Bad and Leave Your Lover with good food and exercise

As an avid Crossfitter, I really thought I would lose at least half of what I wanted within the first year. But here I am, almost 20 months later, completely in love with the sport, stronger than I have ever been, but not one pound down. It is starting to wear on my psyche. It is hard to learn healthy habits, which include how to Stop Dieting!

Enter Lorie Eber and her experience and knowledge, down to Earth attitude and REAL ideas and I am feeling like I really CAN do this. Ms. Eber is a Mayo Clinic–certified wellness coach, and tough-love weight loss coach that I can totally relate to in her latest book release, 40 Ways to Leave Your Lover: That Would Be Junk Food. The years of failure and the conversation of doubt are starting to ebb.

Stop Dieting: How to Be a Little Bad and Leave Your Lover + WIN them to help yourself

Lorie Eber is a Weight Loss Specialist who uses real life advice to help all of us live a healthier lifestyle. This is not a ‘diet’, it is not a strict regiment that you have to stick to. It is an honest take on the pitfalls of weight and wellness, the struggles and the tortuous versus the hare attitude of getting healthier every day. First piece of advice? STOP DIETING!

Eber has created an awesome system of easy to read books  – I read them in one sitting – and 8-week online weight-loss nutrition counseling programs that help guide us through. As a disclosure, I have not taken the program yet but, after reading the books, I want to!

Stop Dieting: Get healthier without dieting and How to Be a Little Bad and Leave Your Lover

Eber wastes no time with filler words and fluffy language that makes us feel like we are listening to a bunch of nonsense. She talks to us like we are friends. Her no holds barred and funny personality comes out with ease. These books were fast reads, easy to understand and simple to revisit when we need a reminder. After reading them, I feel like I have a real grasp on what I need to do. Her 8 Week Course sounds amazing as well!

We all struggle. But with the right guide, we can succeed! I want to help you succeed as well as I continue my journey, which I will happily document for you,  I want to give TWO readers a new way of looking at health too!

ONE of my readers will WIN  an 8-week online weight-loss nutrition counseling program and ONE will win both books:  40 Ways to Leave Your Lover: That Would Be Junk Food and How to Stay Healthy in a World Designed to Make Us Fat and Lazy

It is time to Be BAD and to Leave our Lover, junk food, behind, once and for all. It is time to take the time to get healthier for our families and our selves! With Mother’s Day coming up, give yourself the gift of a tool that can help guide you!

Stop Dieting: Get healthier and drop the bar + How to Be a Little Bad and Leave Your Lover

In addition to being a Mayo-clinic certified wellness coach, Lorie Eber is a certified nutritionist, a National Academy of Sports Medicine–certified personal trainer, and a gerontologist. A re-careered corporate litigator who decided to pursue her passion for health at the age of 49, she writes for Huffington Post, among other publications, and frequently lectures at health and wellness conferences around the country.

Lorie is best known for her custom-designed weight-loss programs—without the use of supplements or powders—and her patented “Tell it like it is” style, honed by two decades in the legal profession!

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