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We are going to knock on wood, throw salt over our shoulder and avoid all cracks when walking today on this one. I don’t ever, ever, EVER want to deal with lice in this house. I have managed to avoid it so far, which is pretty amazing as I have three daughters, and I would like to keep it that way. That being said, I am not so naive to think that I will avoid the creepy, crawly creatures forever. As the girls age and join sports teams, spend more time at friend’s houses and become more independent, I am sure I will have to deal with them eventually. That scares me. It really does. So, as a precaution I always have Nix Ultra® in the house. And I mean, ALWAYS!

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Stocking Up for the Thing Parents Dread Most: Lice! with Nix

Declutter for Back to School

Stocking Up for the Thing Parents Dread Most: Lice! and declutter

Back to school is more than new clothes and supplies for me. I also go through my house and make sure that I have everything I need on hand to combat any issue the girls may have. The medicine cabinet is one of those chores. I clean out the previous year items and take inventory. You will be amazed at how much stuff accumulates throughout the school year!

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Stock Up on What Matters

Stocking Up for the Thing Parents Dread Most: Lice! and organize

Mention lice around me and I start to itch. It is a real fear I have. The thought of having to treat the girls, wash all the bedding, pillows, stuffed animals and anything else that could be infested is overwhelming.

See the Lice ID page too!

So when stocking up on things that matter, Nix Ultra® is a must. I shopped at Walmart and picked up Nix Ultra® Super Lice Treatment. It was in the pharmacy area. I started getting it because it is the #1 Pediatrician recommended brand. I have also had friends swear by it! It is fast and effective and kills those super lice that I didn’t even know existed! Super lice are the resistant ones that just won’t die. But pesticide free Nix Ultra® can kill them!

Stocking Up for the Thing Parents Dread Most: Lice! and use it when they come

Nix Ultra® is pesticide free, non toxic and safe for the skin. I trust it to help me deal with the infestation should it happen here!

Organize So You Can React Faster

Now that we have cleaned out and purchased the things we need to get through the school year, let’s talk about why it is SO important to be organized.

I lack complete organization in my house but my medicine cabinet has to be in order. If my child cuts herself I need to be able to get to the bandages quickly. If she gets a splinter I need the tweezers ASAP. If lice rears their ugly heads, I have to be able to get to the Nix Ultra® instantly.

Stocking Up for the Thing Parents Dread Most: Lice! and get Nix

  • By using bins and placing those items that I will need immediately on the lower shelf, I can access them faster.
  • I place items I don’t use as much or that I need rarely on the second shelf.
  • The top shelf gets those really rare items, like cough drops and Epsom salt. I know I have it but it won’t be an emergency situation should I need them.

Stocking Up for the Thing Parents Dread Most: Lice! and love your kids

Raising daughters is always a challenge. From changing bodies to friends who are not kind to homework and schedule changes, I never really get a break. But being prepared for the things I can help with takes a load off of my daily responsibilities.

Have you dealt with lice? How did you handle it?