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Staying motivated when  you want to quit the gym can be as easy as knowing that you have the right products on hand during your work out

There is a very famous episode of the show Friends where Chandler tried tries to quit the gym. ‘I wanna quit the gym!’ still brings a little giggle when I think about the stress on his face when he knew the hot woman in the leotard was going to make that impossible. He, and Ross, tried everything. When they tried to quit the bank so they could quit the gym, I laughed out loud with everyone else. Though they wanted to quit because they never went, the truth is that going to the gym and sticking with it is just plain hard. I am just over a year into CrossFit and there are plenty of times that I want to never go back. I do. Some days it’s sheer torture. I did discover a while back that having the right things with me at the box was essential to my going back. I don’t mean cute workout clothes. I mean things like gloves to save my hands, Advil® Film-Coated tablets that are super fast acting* and can help ease the aches and pains working out hard can cause, and other items you may need when Staying Motivated When You Want to Quit the Gym. Part of staying motivated when you want to stop working out is being prepared for everything! Check out my tips, as learned in real life, as I pack my gym bag that encourages me to keep going! (*Among OTC pain relievers.)

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Staying motivated when you want to quit the gym starts with the right products in your bag

 Just GO!

The hardest part about working out is just starting. Whether it be to the gym or a run in the neighborhood, it is a monumental task to just GO! I have never once made myself go and regretted it. In fact, almost every time I go when it is much more inviting to stay home, it changes my day for the better! So grab you well packed gym bag and get out of the house!

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Throw Away the Scale

After a year at CrossFit, I have not lost one single pound. You heard me. Not one single pound. BUT, I have lost 2 -3 dress sizes. I have improved my mobility. I have fixed my sleep issues. I have learned to trust myself. I have combated depression. I have started to believe that I CAN do it! Getting on a scale was holding me back. It is not about the pounds, it is about your health and your lifestyle and working out can only help both!

Staying motivated when you want to quit the gym means staying off the scale

Pack Away Your Excuses

OK, so here is the truth. I will get to the box and there will be weight training and I will go lightly if I don’t have my gloves. I don’t want to tear up my hands so I sacrifice my work out. In addition, I will sometimes scale back if I have aches and pains from the day before. A complete bag with everything I need that I can have pre-packed and take helps me pack away the excuses. Check out my must have’s:

  • Gloves – If you do anything that requires holding barbells, dumbbells or any other item that can tear your hands, you NEED some really good gloves. While shopping at Walmart I picked up a few new pairs. My hands do a lot. Dealing with torn skin or blisters because I wanted to use tools that can be hard on them is not something I want.

Avoid injury in staying motivated when you want to quit the gym

  • Advil® Film-Coated tablets – Working out and aches and pains go hand in hand. I don’t care which sport you choose. From Crossfit to running to being a world class Race Day driver like Ty Dillon, who drives car #95, having a good product on hand that has a Rapid Release Formula is necessary. They go to work in minutes on tough pain* like headaches, muscle aches, toothaches, menstrual cramps, back pain, and aches and pains associated with the common cold. (*Among OTC pain relievers.) Nothing’s faster on tough pain* and that is imperative when you are working out!

Advil Film Coated tablets can help you in staying motivated when you want to quit the gym

On a side note: Watch the Ford Ecoboost 400 in Miami on November 20th to see Ty Dillon race! I bet the stuff I have in my work out bag is about the same as what he has in his Race Day bag! After all, sports come in all different forms and when my girls and I watch we know that he is relying on necessary products to make himself a success too!

Advil on race day also helps in your staying motivated when you want to quit the gym

  • Water – Water, water, water, water, water! I can not stress enough the need for water on hand while working out. I bet if you look inside Ty Dillon’s car, he has a huge container full that he drinks the entire race. Staying hydrated during a work out is as important as before and after!
  • Hair ties – Sweaty, sticky hair is not my idea of a good time while I am working hard. SO having extra hair ties in my bag is mandatory! I can not tell you how many times I hand them out too. You would be surprised how easy they are to forget when you are hitting the gym after work or after a day with your hair down!
  • Lady Items – Ladies. You understand. Having the necessary items on hand to prevent leakage as well as to take care of things at that time of the month is imperative! I have written about it before. Protect yourself from possible embarrassment so you can focus by being prepared!
  • Bandaids – From stubbed toes to scratched shins to hand that take a beating if you don’t have your gloves, these are a necessity in any gym bag! Put a box in and be ready when you need them! Or when  your fellow gym rats do!

Staying motivated when you want to quit the gym is helped when you can treat aches and pains fast

Snack or Shake – It is great for your body to have nutrition after a work out. If you watch the races like we do, you will see the racers snacking or drinking milk or another vitamin filled beverage. Refueling after a work out is so important and keeps you on track to work out again!

Snacking well after your work out is key when staying motivated when you want to quit the gym

While shopping at Walmart for the all important Advil® Film-Coated tablets, I also picked up my bag essentials. No matter your sport that you do or the sport that you watch, like Race Day, be sure to have your essentials on hand so Staying Motivated When You Want to Stop Working out is not an issue!

Get Advil at Walmart when staying motivated when you want to quit the gym

Will you be watching the Ford Ecoboost 400 in Miami on November 20th? How do you prepare for Race Day with your family?