This year, the Holidays were amazing. My kids were with me, which always makes the days amazing, and my we had a blast! But, I won’t lie… they were just as insane and crazy as they are every year. Especially since I had no ‘no-kid’ time at all in the three weeks leading up to the big day. Shopping for three kids in the Holiday shopping mess with them  with me is a task that I deserve a metal for! Thank Goodness for online shopping! In all the craziness, though, I loved capturing moments that caught me off guard! And I loved even more creating a memorable MOMent with Sprout! Check out the awesome Sprout MOMents images to create now!

Capture Those Holiday MOMents with #SproutMOMents #CleverGirls

Now, I hate to say this, but I never received my Holiday Cards this year. A very reputable company I always order from sent them but they just never made it to my mailbox. So, I need a way to share the insanity, the fun and the amazement of the Holiday season with all of those who love me and my awesome children!

I LOVE Sprout MOMents and the creative, clever idea behind these FREE images that I can share all over the place!  In essence, I can instantly send out my Holiday images to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with just a click of the mouse! And I can be honest about them too!

I can even fess up to my Holiday mishaps and laughter in an instant!

Sharing Holiday MOMents #SproutMOMents #CleverGirls


Sprout has been a mainstay channel in our home for years. Their programs are fun, educational and the entire channel is ‘safe’ for my kids all the time. I love that they are helping to celebrate these Holiday MOMents! These fun and FREE cards are so easy to make and add that little kick to your share with your friends!

These are the memories we will actually remember. The ones where the kids knock the entire tray of perfectly decorated cookies off the table. The ones where we are in a store and security is eyeing us because our child is having a major melt down because they want pink frosting on the cake and not purple and the store is out. The moment where you try the recipe from Pinterest that looks SO good and you mess it up SO bad!

All of these important, laugh out loud, amazing moments are embedded in our memories. So why not creatively share your Holiday MOMent with all of those you love. You know you want to!

Head over to Sprout Holiday MOMents now and create your image for all to see! I would love to see them all so please share them in the comment section!!

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