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Spring Cleaning Tips that Work Even With Four Puppies in the House

Yes. You read that title right. If you follow me on Facebook or my dog, One Eyed Jack on Instagram, you know that in addition to my own four dogs and three kids, I am fostering four Beagle puppies this summer. Because I don’t have enough to take care of, I said yes to the Beagle rescue for these babies of an abandoned mama. Though I am glad I did, despite the lack of sleep and, literally, feeling like I have four babies in the house, it has been amazing. I feel so fortunate that I can give them a temporary home until they are ready for their furrever home. As you can imagine, keeping my house clean and even finding time for Spring Cleaning just got more challenging. However, I am determined to stick to my guns and get this house back in order, especially on the days my kids are at my ex’s house. I am turning to help from Debra Johnson, the home cleaning expert for Merry Maids, who shares tips for tackling spring cleaning room-by-room that will make the process much easier. Puppies and all!

Time to do those chores we put off

Spring Cleaning Tips that Work Even With Four Puppies in the House like cleaning nose prints off

I have been sitting in my living room and in my office staring at the bottom parts of my windows for months now. The living room window, in particular, has the marking of dog nose prints all along the bottom. My Spring Cleaning Tips starts with ‘stop putting it off.’ Little things like cleaning the windows, changing out those burned out light bulbs and moving that step stool back to it’s rightful place finally can really get you motivated to tackle the Spring Cleaning jobs all over your house!

Spring Cleaning Tips that Work Even With Four Puppies in the House like changing light bulbs

Those bedrooms have hidden secrets

My kids are gone for another week to their dads so it is the perfect time to do some cleaning in their rooms. I am taking Merry Maid’s tips and doing something I probably have never done before. Vacuuming the kid’s mattresses. I am aiming for that 5 star hotel clean that we all love so much! I am also going to move the beds out, dust the headboards, behind then and on the side stuck up against the wall. Just knowing I did that makes the room feel cleaner!

Spring Cleaning Tips that Work Even With Four Puppies in the House like vaccuming the mattresses

Bathrooms don’t have to be gross

Kid’s bathrooms + grossness overload. Seriously, there is always something on there that just grosses me out. Toothpaste all over the sink, shampoo squirted out all over the wall, unidentified ickyness on the toilet seat. It just happens, somehow, when kids are around. I am so busy cleaning up the obvious that I sometimes forget the little things.

Spring Cleaning Tips that Work Even With Four Puppies in the House like cleaning with lemon

Like using a lemon to clean the faucets and the shower curtains. Or cleaning out and organizing the cabinets and drawers. Cleaning around the base of the toilet and so on. Spring Cleaning allows us to take the time to really restore the bathrooms in the house to cleanliness!



Look. I am the first one to say that I believe every single household these days needs a housekeeper. Whether it be once a month to get a really good deep clean or once a week. We are a busy society and I would much rather spend my Saturday with my kids than cleaning the house. Merry Maids is the largest home cleaning franchise network in the United States. Merry Maids provides services in 49 states and the District of Columbia through approximately 450 franchised outlets. Through its company-owned and franchise locations, Merry Maids employs more than 7,400 home cleaning professionals that service homes on four continents, including more than 200,000 homes in North America every month.


They know what they are doing and they can give you the help you need with Spring Cleaning Tips and household help! Call them. You deserve it!

When was the last time you had help Spring Cleaning your home?