I am going to tell you right off the bat that, potentially, this post could have been 10,000 words long. I felt there was no way I can express how awesome the NEW Sphero Robot – Smart Toy – Gaming System is without gushing all over the place. But instead of doing that, I will point out the many many highlights and then give one to a lucky winner so that they can gush all over the place too!

Sphero Robot - Smart Toy - Game System

Family game night in this house just got a while lot more fun! The first robotic ball that kids 8+ (though my 5 year old loves it too) can control from my smart phone or their tablets, the Sphero rolls, jumps, spins, shakes and more with the control of a finger! Basically, Sphero melds the virtual world with reality, letting kids engage with technology like never before. And moms. Don’t forget moms!

Sphero Robot - Smart Toy - Game System

The Sphero is a little plastic ball with a ton of electronics inside. It lights up, changes colors and hooks up to your device via Bluetooth. It charges in 5 seconds and is water proof, pet proof, kid proof and mom proof. Simply download the Sphero app to get started. Pair the Sphero to your smart phone or tablet (Apple and Android) and get started in a moment. On the basic app you can control the ball, spin the ball, shake the ball, make the ball dance, slow it down, speed it up (7 feet per second!) and many many other things. The Sphero comes with ramps and my kids love trying to make it jump the ramps!

Sphero Robot - Smart Toy - Game System

But there is more!

Download up to 30 FREE apps to play with your Sphero! From interactive games that get the whole family involved – ColorGrab is our favorite so far – to using the Sphero as a 3D mouse to control your screen game, the fun is endless.

Check it out!

My girls and I LOVE this! As you know, I am a huge advocate of family time. Whether it be movie night, library time or game night, anything that gets us together and interacting is an awesome thing. We have had the Sphero for about 2 weeks now and I will tell you that there has been a HUGE increase in Game Night!

Sphero Robot - Smart Toy - Game System

From sun up to sun down I field the ‘Can I play with the ball now?’ question and happily say yes! But on Game Night, we play together!

Right now we are trying to top each other  destroying Zombies in the game, Rolling Dead. I am losing…  go figure!

Last night I downloaded Draw&Drive and SpheroGolf and can not wait to test them out! I have barely scratched the surface of FREE apps to download and play.

Sphero Robot - Smart Toy - Game System

While on the website learning even more about Sphero and why you need it in your home now, be sure to check out the SPRK program! Sphero is on a mission to make learning fun and inspire the innovators of tomorrow. Check out the Sphero SPRK (Schools, Parents, Robots, Kids) program which helps kids understand the basics of programming, robotics and math.

OK, I think I have to stop. Though I could type for hours.

Sphero Robot - Smart Toy - Game System

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sphero! It is fun, engaging, unique, entertaining, durable, educational, a conversation piece and a fun companion to any time with kids! Get one NOW! I promise, with the free apps, the unique experience and the whole family appeal, it is totally worth having one. Or two. They can play bumper balls.

Check out the video that got me so fired up to test this product and share it with you and then order your Sphero now!

Accessorize your Sphero and protect it from scratches and more with a Nubby! Protect your Sphero against the elements with custom Nubby Covers. Not only do Nubby Covers protect against scratches and scuffs, they also give you unbeatable traction. Nubby covers are available in four unique hues. You can find Nubby Covers on GoSphero.com for $14.99


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Who wants a SPHERO!?!?

(1) of my Readers will WIN a Sphero of their own!! A $130 value, you will get a Sphero and access to 30+ free apps! Just enter below and Good Luck!

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