In a few months, I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary with this blog.  My first post, Be a Joyful Mother, debuted on May 31, 2010 to an audience of 1.  Me.

Since then I have learned a LOT!  Like how to use spell check – sometimes – how to be a better blogger – hopefully – and how to be flexible and grow with the industry.  And I have had a ton of help along the way which I am eternally grateful for!

But my blogging life changed completely when a fellow blogging friend recommended I apply to be a member of Social Fabric with Collective Bias.  They are a community that helps brands and bloggers support each other by using real life experiences – or shops.  But they are SO much more than that, I have learned, too.  I applied and they accepted me even though I really felt like I was ‘too small’ of a blog and not knowledgeable enough about blogging to do a great job.

But I soon learned that the value of the community is much more than just applying and waiting for something to happen like other communities I have joined.

The Advice

The first HUGE difference I noticed in the Social Fabric Community is that everyone is there to help others with what they have learned.  When I was first a member I made a HUGE blogging error within the community.  I truly had no idea I had made it because I was taking advice from a blogger that was not in my genre nor was understanding the purpose of the posts.  Not her fault at all, but it led to a major faux pas.  I thought for sure that Social Fabric was going to kick me out of the community.  Instead, one of the leaders – and busiest women I have ever met – called me on the phone and talked to me for over an hour about the issue.  She listened to my explanation and guided me gently to the understanding that, in blogging, your voice is your own and if you try to emulate others, you will lose the whole point of what you are doing.

SoFab  #LuvSoFab

That was a changing day for me.  From then on I understood that no question, issue or concern is too small for the team at Social Fabric and the participating bloggers to help with.  Competition within blogging is put aside for the good of each individual blogger and the team as a whole.  So far, I have found the invaluable advice I receive no where else in any other group.

The Support

At any time, no matter day or night, I can post in the Social Fabric Community for help in sharing a post, a Twitter Party, an event or anything else, and I will get a ton of people to respond to action.  THAT is amazing in this world where we are all out to promote ourselves and get the most attention possible to ourselves!  The promotion and support of each other is unmatched and we, as members, pride ourselves on supporting one another in our progress.

But the support is more than just blog related.  As you know, I am going through a very ugly divorce.  For about 4 months I really dropped the ball on work and promotions and things I was supposed to be doing.  I did the bare minimum.  I did not tell anyone in Social Fabric what was going on at all.  But when I finally did, the outpouring of understanding and support was overwhelming.  I shed may tears as I got email after email from everyone from the top of management to the bloggers I had grown to love within the community.  To this day, people still ask how I am doing and for a single mom who works behind a computer 90% of the time, that connection and support is humbling.  And it is always like that within the group.  Everyone should have this kind of support!

The Friends

Vanessa Williams and Social Fabric #LuvSoFab

I wish I had time to list the very long list of women and men that I have met through Social Fabric.  People who inspire, motivate, support, respect and truly root for me are everywhere within this community.  And though I have heard comments that they have certain bloggers they work with the most, I have seen Social Fabric reach out and draw bloggers in that are brand spanking new and by the end of the week, we are all best friends and wanting them to succeed as well!

I am hoping to attend the first annual SoFab Conference in Bentonville/ Rogers, AR this May so I can meet all of the wonderful friends I have made face to face!  Plus, I am hearing more and more about the line up and this blogging conference might just top them all in NO TIME!

SoFabCon #LuvSoFab

This valuable community is beyond the expectations of anything I could have imagined when I joined.  It is my daily-  several times a day – go to for all of my blogging advice, support and to help and share with my friends.

Apply to be a member of this amazing community and I will see you there!  I promise it is well worth it for any bloggers looking to make serious connections and grow within the industry!

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community with Collective Bias. However, this is an independent post that might garner me a prize if I am randomly chosen for one.  All opinions are authentic and my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**