**I was a guest of Sony for the Angry Bird Junket in Maui, Hawaii. All opinions are my own.**

#AlohaAngryBirds  #AngryBirdsMovie

Just stepping out on the beach at Molokini Crater was enough to make Snorkeling Maui worth it! #AlohaAngryBirds #AngryBirdsMovie

I bet you didn’t know that Angry Birds can swim? They can’t, actually, nor can they fly, but when you are in Maui at the Angry Birds press junket, you have to take in all of the amazing nature that it has to offer! We got up early, 5:30 am to be exact and headed out on an amazing adventure that could only be described as beyond ridiculously awesome! Snorkeling Maui was fun, exciting and totally worth every single moment!

You become one with nature immediately. The adventure awaits but while Snorkeling Maui, be sure to exhale! #AngryBirdsMovie #AlohaAngryBirds

We were dropped off on the beach to do a sunrise snorkeling trip at Molokini Crater. I wanted to stand on the beach and take in the amazing scenery but the boat waiting so off we went! All of the supplies I needed were provided for the tour and breakfast of muffins and coffee was even served.

We stood at the front of the boat drinking in the amazing scenery and fresh air. This is when you feel most alive, I think. When nature is so pure and so fresh and so life affirming. All of Maui is like that. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Cleansing.

Anyone can relax and enjoy the fish, the eels, the sea turtles and the vegetation while Snorkeling Maui! #AngryBirdsMovie #AlohaAngryBirds

We put on our gear and off we went. Now, I don’t have any underwater pictures – we will call it technical difficulty – but I will try my best to explain what it is like to look underneath the clean, blue water to see an entire world living their lives.

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I saw the colors of the rainbow in the fish. Black and white stripes, blue and yellow, silver and transparent. I even saw a parrot fish which is a parrot green fish with reds and yellows and blues blasting color through the ocean! On this leg of the trip, the very informed guides even led us to an octopus walking along the base of the crater. It was truly an awesome thing to see!

This crew was amazing. It was a 5 star, educational, relaxing tour with them! #AlohaAngryBirds #AngryBirdsMovie

We snorkeled for a while and then went to another part of the island known for their sea turtles. Sea Turtles we saw! Coming out from their dark caverns to the top to breath, they majestically floated to the top, probably thinking we were all a little crazy with our fins and snorkels and huge eyes in the masks. I could have watched them all day long! We even saw a three legged turtle and it was a gentle reminder that nature responds to the live around it. How he lost his leg, I don’t know. But keeping our oceans clean can help animals live in a safer environment.

Part of traveling and enjoying the experience is the people you are with! These bloggers can all be found along with their photos and experiences under hashtag #AlohaAngryBirds #AngryBirdsMovie

It is when snorkeling in Maui that you understand that this life is more that the bills we pay and the to do lists we have. There is an entire world full of amazing creatures and an environment that is stunning that is all a part of us! If you ever head to Maui, you have to have this experience!

Stand and take it all in. You will feel amazing Snorkeling Maui! #AlohaAngryBirds #AngryBirdsMovie

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