I had the great pleasure last weekend of heading to Snip Its in Rice Village in Houston’s Grand Opening Event!

Snip Its is a fun, whimsical, child themed hair salon and spa just for kids!  They offer haircuts, manis and pedis, facials, and a glammed out party room for the best birthday parties a girl could ask for! 

I took all of my girls for haircuts and watched as they immediately made friends!  It is hard not to!  The salon is colorful, has games to play, and entertaining shows on their TV’s.  Plus, when a good song comes on, the staff stops and dances!

Along with the beautifying services, displays in the middle of their store hold Snip Its shampoos and conditioners and other supplies, along with custom bows and trinkets perfect for a little princess!

And when a child is finished with their haircut, they take a little of the hair that was cut, put it in the Snip Its depository and out pops a prize!

We had so much fun talking with the owner, Alane, who assures me that they will be starting a team for the Walk for Autism {and she’ll let everyone know about that}, the front desk gals and the stylists themselves.  Plus we got to spend quality time with a real Princess, get our faces painted, and round it all out with some cotton candy and popcorn! 

Happily wearing their glitter stickers, sparkly hair, and new tiara, we left happy and pretty!  I’d say Snip Its is the place to go for your childs haircuts!


**I was not compensated for this second post about Snip Its.**