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Every day I sit at my desk working. At 3:30 in the afternoon my dogs start barking because my neighbor’s teenage boys are getting off the bus and heading home. I can look up and seem them walking by. It is a sign to me that my girls will be getting home soon too. I know the boys go in, grab a snack and get ready to do homework until their mom gets home from school. And I know that they like to have fast, hot snacks but they don’t want to bother their grandfather to make them. So when  I saw that Jose Ole’ had a new snack on shelves, I thought the NEW Nacho Bites were great snacks for teens.

snacks for teens

José Olé has always made Mini Tacos, Taquitos, and other fun snacks. They are in the frozen food aisle and now there is a new addition. José Olé Nacho Bites feature tender chunks of real chicken, melted cheese and authentic seasoning in a crispy corn tortilla.

Now, these are new so they might be a little hard to find at first. I found them at one store but not at another. So be patient. Your teen will appreciate the effort!

snacks for teens

These Bites, along with any other José Olé product, are a spicy, warm snack for teens who are starving when they get off the bus.  They are fast to heat up in an convection or conventional oven – they can microwave them too – and they have a spicy kick that will make your teen happy. José Olé offers a different, delicious take on ordinary nachos with a crunchy-cheesy-spicy nacho combo in every bite.

snacks for teens

I bought some Bites along with some other varieties of José Olé products over to my neighbors boys the other day. They absolutely loved them and wanted more. So I am headed back to the store this weekend to find some more to help stock up their freezers. They loved them because they felt like they were getting a mini meal that recharged them for homework and chores that had to be done before their mom came home from work.

These Nacho Bites, and any warm, hearty snack, is more filling and more delicious than regular chips or some other grab and go snack kids might search the house for. Be sure to look in your grocers freezer for NEW José Olé Nacho Bites for your teen!

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