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Snack Time Staples: Making Better Decisions for my Family at Sam's Club

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I am on the hunt for better foods for me and my kids due to a health wake up call. I have done several Facebook Live videos and the bottom line is this. I need to bring better options into my house to eat. While I am a huge fan of shopping the perimeter of the store, my growing girls still need snack time staples that they will eat. While they don’t have any issues with health, I am upgrading us all to better options all around. I am also very budget conscious. So I need to be able to find delicious snacks and foods without putting too much of a dent in my pocketbook. When I really want to shop for snack time staples for three hungry girls, I hit Sam’s Club. They have many varieties of Annie’s, Cascadian Farms and even Larabar for fun and delicious snacks.

Snack Time Staples: Making Better Decisions for my Family at Sam's Club that everyone loves

Now, as many moms know, it makes no difference what you bring into your house if the kids won’t eat them. I can’t tell you how many times I have been SO SURE my kids would eat something and it just sat. There are a many an item I have passed off to neighbors just to avoid waste. Over the years I have gotten better about making choices, though, and chocolate anything always is a hit! So, while at Sam’s Club, I picked up Annie’s Organic Cocoa Bunnies. Want to know how I know I made a good decision? Because I hear rustling in the kitchen last night, came out of my room to investigate, heard giggling and running feet, and found the Annie’s Organic Cocoa Bunnies opened carelessly on the kitchen table. So much for the perfect product shots!

My oldest took them to school for her ‘breakfast’ snack which solidifies their popularity here!

Snack Time Staples: Making Better Decisions for my Family includes Annie's!

But, as every mom knows, variety is what keeps kids snacking well. While we have a healthy dose of fruits and veggies in the house, ready to eat at all times, I love that these real good food snack food staples add variety to our snacking needs. Real food is good food and I love that these are better for me and the kids and taste great too!  Especially when it is movie night or we are on the go!

My middle daughter, Sarah, is a popcorn queen! She takes a bag to school, eats it when she gets home and always picks it as a snack for movie night. While I don’t mind microwave popcorn, I just don’t know if it is the best option for her. So I added Annie’s White Cheddar Popcorn Bag to my cart. When she saw it, her eyes widened. She grabbed her tablet, started to play her favorite math game and snacked away.

Snack Time Staples: Making Better Decisions for my Family with popcorn

Because this is a better option for her, I don’t even mind her eating in the living room!

Other snack time staples I add to my cart are Cascadian Farm Granola Oats n’ Honey, which I love to put in a bowl and snack on and Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese. I can make a box and the kids love to heat it up and snack on it after school!

Snack Time Staples: Making Better Decisions for my Family starts at Sam's Club

There is so much I still need to learn about providing the best options for me and my kids to eat. By combining the fresh fruits and veggies that I already buy with better easy to snack foods, I can be sure I am taking the steps I need to that makes all of us choose a little better!

What snack time staples do you have in your house?