About two weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, right before the holidays, I decided that I was tired of being tired. Literally tired. Sure, I don’t get a ton of sleep. But I was also noticing that when I ate certain things I hit a wall not long after. Something with a lot of sugars and carbs put me down for the count for hours. With the fear that these 20 extra pounds I carry around leading to Diabetes or Heart Disease or some other physical, life altering issue, I have dedicated this year to getting in shape. Part of that is to do what I am doing. Choose better foods, stay away from the late night bingle, eat regularly and get some exercise. The other part of it is to challenge myself to really aim to lose some of this weight. When Slimfast® approached me to try the 14 days challenge where I could lose up to 6 pounds in 14 days, I signed up good and fast!

Slimfast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge

The Slimfast® 14 day Challenge is pretty darned easy. And now that I have spent two weeks learning that I don’t need to go crazy, I think this is the perfect time for me to start it. My mind is in the right place. BUT, the really cool thing about this challenge is that you can start it for many reasons.

For instance, if you just want to ‘lose a little’ for a special event, do this 2 weeks before! The basics are easy. A shake for one meal, a meal replacement bar for another, great snack bars in between and a really delicious, healthy dinner too.

PLUS, right now, Slimfast® is making it even easier this new year – if you buy any Ready-to-Drink 4-pack you can get any Slimfast® product of equal or lesser value free when you use the coupon found inside your local Walgreens through January 18.

Slimfast Challenge #SlimfastChallenge

I, for one, am seriously excited about this plan. I started yesterday. I have my beginning weight, which I will keep to myself, but will be brutally honest about how this works for me and how much I lose! I am super excited and can’t wait to take you on the journey with me! Want to join me? Leave a comment and we can track and support each other!!

Stay tuned for updates and be sure to mark your calendar for January 21, 2014 at 8pm EST! More details coming soon!

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