I am in partnership with Smiley360 in this program for the SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™ Layer.  I will be receiving products as a thank you for this post.  All opinions are my own.

A week ago I strolled into my local Sleep Number store just to see what was new.  Immediately I saw that there is something new -and truly awesome – in stores now that might just change the way I sleep!

The NEW SLEEP NUMBER® DualTemp™ Layer is incredible!  And I got to test it out in store and you can too!

Sleep Number Dial Temp Layer

I walked in and was greeted immediately by Brenda Anthony who was all smiles.  Even when I explained that I was just there to test the layer, she was more than happy to help me get my sleep number – it was 35 – and show me all of the awesome products that the store carries.

But until I laid down on the layer, I did not understand what all of the excitement was about!

So, here is the deal.  How many of us bundle up in layers of blankets in the winter because we are freezing cold and then kick all the blankets off in the summer because we are too hot?

Sleep Number Dial Temp Layer

I do and I have to say, my sleep  – especially in my house where the air conditioning system only likes to push to one room – is erratic and inconsistent.  I am always hot in my room.  ALWAYS.

So when I laid down on the DualTemp Layer in the store and suddenly understood the benefits of the product.

This soft layer that fits right over the top of your mattress has the technology to either heat or cool underneath you while you sleep.  This is not an electric blanket that you can kick off.  And, well, I don’t know of a product that cools while you sleep, actually.

This layer heats and cools underneath you leaving your sleep pattern solid and reliable.

And if you and your partner argue about the fan on/ off, covers on/ off, then this layer can help.  You can heat one side and cool the other all at the same time.  Plus, the dual remotes let you adjust the temperature to fit what you want for your perfect nights sleep!

Sleep Number Dial Temp Layer

This is a really awesome idea and I can not wait to get my layer and test it in home for you to see!  I am SO TIRED of waking up all night and either pulling the covers up or kicking them off because I am too hot or too cold!  I am really thinking this innovative layer can be a sleep saver!