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I Refusing to be a Sideline Mom in this Game of Life

I am in so much pain today. I honestly am. It is to be expected after taking 10 days off of exercise and then going back on lunge day. It is not the best decision I have ever made, I won’t lie. The muscle pain in my legs is so intense that I look like I am walking on brand new legs and my lower back is screaming at me for doing the lunges, 50 of them, with a 25 pound weight in my hands. I mean, what was I thinking? I don’t have time for this! I have a busy life! I have things to do, kids to shuttle back and forth to activities, dogs to walk so they don’t go stir- crazy, clients to see, work to do… I don’t have time for this! I have goals I want to achieve and accomplishments I want to make that can not be stalled for pain! I Refusing to be a Sideline Mom in this Game of Life!

The first thing I did this morning when I realized that my back may try to hinder my goals for the day was reach for my Aleve Back & Muscle Pain. I have to use what works. My schedule for every day requires that I be active and attentive and alert! I can not do that if I am in pain. A while back I discovered Aleve Back & Muscle Pain relief and have used it ever since. It provides me all day muscle pain relief so that I can keep going! 

Aleve Back & Muscle Pain is now available at Walmart. Only Aleve offers up to 12 hours of pain relief in just 1 pill*. All Day Strong, All Day long. *Among leading OTC brands,based on minimum labelled dosing. Use as Directed.

I Refusing to be a Sideline Mom in this Game of Life with Aleve

Today, especially, I have to be on my game and ready for any balls that fly at my head! Up at 5:30am, I worked until it was time to get my kids up for school. Carpool done, exercise class had to wait because of an early morning conference call. At home, I took in a foster dog, worked on my morning ‘to-do’ list for work and finally ate breakfast. It’s only 10 am.

The rest of my day consists of more work, at least 8 – 9 more hours of it, getting the kids home from school, possibly taking in yet another foster dog, making dinner and then heading out to gymnastics for one, soccer for the other and volleyball for the third daughter.

I Refusing to be a Sideline Mom in this Game of Life because: soccer

Somewhere in the middle of it all I have to help a friend seal and put together my brand new, very heavy, wood topped dining room table. I certainly have no time for back or muscle pain in that task! It takes two to three people just to lift the top!

When you add in distractions like homework, laundry so everyone has the practice clothes they need and answering texts, calls and emails from clients and you can see why I face plant into bed every night at 11 pm, preparing to get up and do it all over again the next day!

I Refusing to be a Sideline Mom in this Game of Life because: VOLLEYBALL


Could I put everything off? Of course! Could I allow my daughters to miss a practice here and there to give myself a break? Sure! Could I turn down work now and then to lounge on the couch and binge watch TV? Yes, of course I could.

But I Refusing to be a Sideline Mom in this Game of Life! I like being active. I like participating in the life I have worked hard to build for me and my kids! I want to have the energy and the focus to cheer on that first soccer goal! To smile big and give a high five when she serves it over the net the first time! To be alert enough to take photo and give huge hugs when she masters her back walkover!

I Refusing to be a Sideline Mom in this Game of Life at Walmart

I want to serve every client to the best of my ability, help friends when they need it and go to bed at night feeling accomplished and like I am on the path to my personal goals! Pain and ailments have no place in my life to camp out and slow me down!


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I Refusing to be a Sideline Mom in this Game of Life with sweepstakes


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As life gets busier for us all and as we realize that we don’t have to be a sideline mom, we have to do the things we need to in order to participate in what we have built! Eat well, drink a lot of water, exercise and have the tools that help you along the way in your corner! Aleve provides all-day pain relief that can help stop tough pain so it doesn’t stop you so it is a must have for me!

What does your day look like today?