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Aside from my kids, my world would be incomplete without my pets. My two dogs, Bud and Piper, are my other children. They may pee outside but their tail wagging, excited to see us, happy faces are two more that I look forward to every day. They are spoiled puppies. I work from home so they don’t sit hours and hours without me. They have the love of three girls who do everything from dressing them up to drawing their ‘pawtraits’. When one gets sick, I worry. I don’t want to lose either one. But now, I have a sick pet. And I am worried.

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Right before I took the girls to Disneyland, my very active, happy terrier mix suddenly stopped wanting to move. Years ago, Bud was attacked by another dog I had. A dog that looked like a black lab that I had rescued as a puppy from the streets but turned out to have Chow in her. When the alpha dog in the house, my Ali, passed, Lexi – the Lab mix – decided she wanted to be alpha over Bud. So she attacked him, twice, and ripped the tendons in his hind leg. Since then he has been OK. He sometimes hurts it again when he jumps but for the most part, he has been OK.

Until right before Disneyland.

Get Pet Meds at Walgreens #WalgreensRx #shop #cbias

The night before he stopped moving too much and was clearly in pain. Since the car was getting here at 4:30 am the the next morning I told my dog sitters to watch him and prayed he would be OK when we got back. Unfortunately, I came back to a pup that was still in pain. So I called the vet and got him in as soon as possible.

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After a thorough check up, it was determined that he has severely re-injured the leg and not much can be done except to give him anti-inflamaory medications. Thank goodness that before I went to the vet, I added him to my Balance Reward card at Walgreens!

Get Pet Meds at Walgreens #WalgreensRx #shop #cbias

YES!! You can add your pet to your Balance Rewards card online easily! Since most pet meds are the same as human ones, Walgreens has them at a lower price than your vet. My dog was prescribed Tramadol and Rimadyl for his pain and inflammation. He will need refills of both in a few days and I will be going to Walgreens for those refills.

Get Pet Meds at Walgreens #WalgreensRx #shop #cbias

Signing my dogs up was easy. I just needed their names and a current Walgreens RX label. I love that I can set up refill reminders – I need all the help I can get! – I can save money on the prescription vs the vet’s office and that I can pick it up easily along with any other family medications I might need!

Get Pet Meds at Walgreens #WalgreensRx #shop #cbias

Signing up a pet-  especially one that you know is going to need meds throughout their lives – is a no brainer with Walgreens Balance Reward! Sign up everyone in your family, furry or not, today!

My sick pet needs prescription medications #WalgreensRX #shop

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