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One of the best things about being a mom of three daughters is watching their personalities grow and change as they do. Every day it seems that what they like and don’t like is altered in some way. This is never more apparent than around Back to School time. Gone are the days when I can walk into a store and get things for my kids just because I think they will like them. Because if they don’t, they won’t wear it, carry it or acknowledge that it exists. For a single mom on a budget, I have so much to balance that I need help. I want to shop alone because it is easier without kids but I also don’t want to waste money on things that my kids won’t love. So this year, after learning about the vast array of help Sears is able to give to anyone trying to make Back to School season easier and more affordable, I am using them all! This year, I will get what the kids want and need at affordable prices with the least amount of stress on my part!

Toughskins for girls is big on feminine details, including pastels, florals, metallics and shearling; for boys, it’s all about rough-and-tumble jackets and joggers, plus fresh takes on the latest denim.

Shopping for Back to School the Easy Way #BeYOU #AD @Sears

My kids spend elongated time with their dad during the summer months. I try to keep as busy as possible and Back to School is the perfect distraction. But since they are so particular now, I have to get their input before I head to the store and spend the money. So my shopping started online. I can pick and choose things I think they will like, send the photos over to their dad either by email or text and get the feedback from the kids I need. Though it bothers me when they turn down an outfit I would have LOVED to see on them, it saves me the argument and return later. So online shopping first, before I hit the store, is a lifesaver!

Canyon River Blues is a denim-based collection for girls and boys with relaxed sensibilities. It includes great basics that every girl and boy should have in their closet. Influenced by Americana and bohemia, the brand offers trend- right wovens, innovative knits and graphic tees, all at a great value and price. Mix and match to create a wardrobe of signature looks.

Shopping for Back to School the Easy Way #BeYOU #AD @Sears

The other thing I LOVE about Sears is their Reserve It feature! Check out more details when you sign up for your Shop Your Way Rewards account where you can earn on your purchases! The Reserve It feature lets you place items that you see online on reserve so that when you get to the store, all of your stuff is at the kiosk, ready for you to try on! This is an AWESOME feature for kids. I can take my kids through online shopping, reserve several sizes that I want them to try and then go to the store and try it on right there without searching on racks for the items! I have used this feature when I am in a hurry or just feeling lazy and it is awesome!

Roebuck & Co. is behind an essential collection of affordable heritage pieces that have a fresh aesthetic. Roebuck and Co. offers timeless polos, flannels, fleece and thermals in both eclectic patterns and classic styles.

Shopping for Back to School the Easy Way #BeYOU #AD @Sears

Another feature I have used from Sears is their In Vehicle Pick-Up. I can order something and pick it up right on the curb! This is a great feature for moms who don’t want to unload all of the kids to go into the store! Now, though, Sears has expanded the service to include In Vehicle Returns and Exchanges!! If you do choose something your child does not like, we know that heading to the store, taking the kids out and dealing with lines to return something can be a pain. Now you can do it from your car! Download the Sears Shop Your Way App to use this amazing service and more!

Dockers uniforms for kids and backpacks for every age group are also available.

Add to the awesome services that Sears and Kmart offers remote associate assistance and Cross Format Pick-up which allows you to order from Sears and have it delivered to Kmart and vice versa, and Sears has thought of everything to make this Back to School season so much easier on me!

Shopping for Back to School the Easy Way #BeYOU #AD @Sears

I chose several outfits that I know my girls will love for the first day of school! I sent them the photos from online, used the Reserve It feature to have it ready for me and even picked it all up on sale! Check out the vast array of Back to School items and don’t forget to use all of Sears’ services to make your life easier too!

Bongo offers cutting-edge trends in apparel, accessories and footwear. Whether you’re hitting the halls or a party, celebrate your individuality by mixing the styles in your own way. Bongo Girls is a girls’ line inspired the juniors’ Bongo brand. This season’s back-to-school collection is full of “glam rock” details, including zippers, leather and studs.

Shopping for Back to School the Easy Way #BeYOU #AD @Sears

When my kids get home next week I am going to have the jeans they want, the graphic tees they love and a backpack or two that is unique and original. I won’t have to worry if they like them but if there is an issue, I will be using my Sears Shop Your Way mobile app to make exchanges easier too!

When was the last time you checked out Sears and all they offer? Which style will your kids be wearing to school this year?

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