**This conversation on a Shopkins party is brought to you by PercyVites. All opinions are my own**

Get custom invites for planning a Shopkins Party with ease

If have a child under the age of 15, you know what Shopkins are and how much they are cherished! My middle daughter, Sarah, collects them, plays with them and has all of the accessories too! I love Shopkins and with the holiday season, they promise to be THE item on your child’s wish list! PercyVites loves Shopkins and every other character your child is into as well. This innovative digital party platform lets you send video invitations  to several friends at once, allows tracking on RSVP’s and so much more! Planning a Shopkins Party just got a lot easier!

Plan a Shopkins Party with fun cupcakes

Thank to Cakes.com, I had some super cute toppers and candles to add to my cupcakes! Get your own too!

Planning a Shopkins party with ease is simply with PercyVites

Nobody loves a party more than PercyVites and in honour of this celebratory time of year, Cakes.com, PercyVites and Shopkins™ have come together to make party planning easier than ever all while getting your little one excited about party shopping and wanting to help.

I was so excited to get a cute party kit and to try out PercyVites for myself!

PercyVites helps plan a Shopkins Party easily

As I baked cupcakes, watched my daughter freak out over the two new Shopkins she received and more, I checked out PercyVites for myself.

The platform is so easy to use. Simply start by choosing a character. Not only is Shopkins a theme, but Lalaloopsy, Monster Jam and Octonauts are just a few other options.

Choose your favorite for a Shopkins party or some other character

Simply choose your character and get started. You can add the date, time, location and other pertinent information right on the system.

Here is what is cool, though. At one point PercyVites will ask you if you want to add a photo to the invite. When you do, you child becomes part of the invitation!

Send the video invites for your Shopkins Party directly to guests

You can then add the names and emails of the guests and a personalized video invitation will go out to them from you! They can respond online and your party planning just got a lot easier!

With the busy holiday season upon us, party planning, get togethers  and those holiday birthdays need to stand out. PercyVites helps you by making that a lot easier!