Trend microCyber Monday was CRAZY!  I was all over this computer trying to find amazing, unique, they don’t have that yet, gifts at super deep discounts all day.  And while I generally ended up finding the best deals at online stores like Amazon and Walmart, I did find some cute stuff from lesser known sites.

Digital Joneses

I have to tell you, in my search for some unique gifts, I came across some awesome sites!  I laughed at the items on, was intrigued with and finally ordered some great stuff from a little site called

I am on the hunt for fun, unique, imaginative play gifts for my 3 year old.  Since she has EVERYTHING, it is hard.  But I have noticed that she seems to have a major attraction to horses!  So I want to get her something that is just hers that will focus on this interest and see if she finds her love in a toy.  I found the Wooden Bitty Red Gable Horse Barn Play Set and felt it would be PERFECT!

Wooden Barn Set

But I had never used the site – or even hear of it, to be honest, – until Cyber Monday!  So entering credit card information and just trusting that everything would be safe was a concern of mine.  Especially during the holiday season where shopping online has become very popular and so have scammers!

Now, I have the awesome TrendMicro Antivirus Software installed on my computer so I feel a little safer as it automatically warns me of sites that are “shifty”, so to speak.  But I still want to know all about sites I am aware of, their shipping practices, return policies and payment collection info so that I can buy and beware at the same time!

Now, the site I am ordering from seems to be on top of things.  They offer a secure payment certificate, lots of payment options and a secure return policy that includes a fast exchange by FedEx.  Plus my antivirus put up no flags so I feel pretty good about the reliability of the site.  But just to be sure, I will read the awesome tips in the What to Know Before You Click  sheet that TrendMicro put together for savvy shoppers this holiday season.


Now that I Got What I Need, I will follow some simple steps to stay even safer in my purchase (see them all in the linked form)!

1) Never use Debit:  I admit it.  I do.  I am not a huge credit card user anymore and debit cards seem safe and easy, right?  Most debit cards have some safety measures in place but if you enter your info on a fraudulent site, your entire bank account is at risk and recovering from that could be devastating.  Use credit as most cards offer fraud protection and can guide you in recovering fraudulent purchases!

2)  Do not pay with cash, money order or wire transfer.  This seems like a no brainer but, honestly, some people send money this way to smaller, in home business owners, and there is really no way to track when it arrived or who got it. Any site that requires cash payments should be avoided.

3)  Be careful with that email!  When shopping online, create a dummy email that you can check for any info.  Exposing your main email address can open you up to hackers and wreak havoc on your computer life!  Setting up a free email account is easy and helps prevent someone you don’t want getting your info!

You can see many more valuable tips above!  But since I have checked the certificate of the site I am shopping from, using credit to pay and understand any dispute policies, my daughter is getting her barn playset!

What “off the beaten path” stores are you shopping this holiday season?  I’d love to find some new places!

Trend Micro

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