We go through 4 gallons of milk a week in this house.  Yes, 4 gallons!  Sometimes more but never less.  We like white milk, chocolate milk and have even had some strawberry milk make it’s way through.  As long as we are home where I can keep it cold we are all good.  But when we head out on a road trip or the girls want milk in their school lunches, it can be hard to keep it fresh and safe for the kids. 

Milk Unleashed

And if you have ever found an old milk cup underneath the seat of your car after it sat for a day or two, you know that smell that hits you when you open the door!  It has happened to me more than once no matter how many times I think I have gotten them all out of the car.

That is why I am more and more stopping at the store to purchase shelf safe milk!  This is milk that can be kept at room temperature and safe for your kids to drink in the car, at lunch or anywhere not from the fridge!  Check out the video below for a little more information:

Rest assured, this is REAL MILK!  It is just processed differently and, because if that, is able to be kept at room temperature and safe to drink!

My girls love to drink it too, which is the real test, isn’t it?  Since being introduced to shelf safe milk, my kids request it when we go somewhere.  My oldest likes the chocolate in her lunch and I notice that she grabs them when she is going out to play.  The best thing I like it that if they don’t finish the carton, I do not have to worry about it sitting for a little while.  Unlike refrigerated milk, it won’t spoil when it gets to room temperature!  It is really saving me on my milk purchases!

I can find brands like Hershey’s and Lala on shelves at my store.  They are affordable and available in all three yummy flavors.  I have even tasted this milk and it tastes just like the cold stuff, only room temperature.  You can see where to buy shelf safe milk in your area too.


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