There are honors bestowed on people sometimes that there are just no words for. Today, it was confirmed by an announcement on the web that I have been chosen – yes, little old me – to be an Expert Among Us on one of the top websites out there,!

As a blogger, opportunities mesh together and sometimes, if you are really lucky, they take you full circle.

I have always wanted to be a writer first and foremost. And I love writing about everything in my life from my daughters to my divorce to products and more that make our lives just that much more fun!

But my greatest joy is sharing with you. When I get comments on my posts from readers that thank me for my honesty or that can relate to one of my struggles, it warms my heart and keeps me going. Yes, I read

So to be given the opportunity to write for a prestigious website is humbling, to say the least! Please stay tuned as I spill it all about my experience as a single mother to my three princesses! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on where you can find my articles!

Thank YOU for being a part of why my little ole dreams are coming true!

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