I have come to discover in my blogging that not all items that I find that are high quality and unique are from a big retail store.  Some of the best items I find are made with love and true care in a person’s home and then sold over the internet or at craft shows. 

Two of my daughters received a gift at their July joint birthday party that I actually stopped and said, “Wow, that is so neat!”  And then I pursued it further!  I asked the owner of Sew Pizazzed, Kerry, if she would let me do a blog piece about her work and then, in turn, give away the same product that my kids received and use every day!

Lucky for you and me, she said yes!

Sew Pizazzed makes everything from Tutu bags to Dance Bags to Baby Blankets.  They make Tumblers, Curtains and Pillows, and they even have a line of Christian Inspired merchandise.  Plus, they just added Resale items and carry a variety of craft supplies.

And right now, Sew Pizazzed is having their Clearance/ Closeout sale!  A great opportunity to get one of a kind, quality merchandise at rock bottom prices! 

My daughters received one of their new items; a personally embroidered Crayon/ Marker Organizer.  And my girls LOVE them!  Both organizers have lived through being thrown on the floor, carried around by their corners, one side dragging on the ground, and the all important fight of who gets what color in what organizer.  And they are holding up great!

Megan’s is an earlier model with a pocket for a coloring book on the inside and the other side containing three sizes of individual pockets for her colors and Color Wonder markers.  Hers has a velcro closure which I recommend if you have younger children.  Even at 2, Megan seems to sense that this is a special item and wants it up on her table at night when she goes to bed.

Also personally embroidered, Katie’s is the newer model, the only one that Sew Pizazzed sells now.  Hers has dual coloring book pockets, one on the front and one on the back, and the entire inside has the individual pockets for the crayons and markers.  She has a tie closure which is fine for a 5 year old.

I can not wait for Sarah to get hers on her birthday…  dropping shameless hint in blog post… because I know she will love hers as much as her sisters do!

These are great organizers that can be carried upside down with no worries that the markers and crayons will fall out.  In addition, the personalized names and fabric make these a unique gift that they will cherish for a lifetime!  And I love that they are portable and fun for the girls to use.  We might finally have found a solution to their crayons littering their floors.

I like Sew Pizazzed.  I am impressed with their quality and unique items.  I am interested to see how they grow and am honored that I am allowed to help them a little now!

You can BUY the entire variety of Sew Pizazzed merchandise on their website!  They offer FREE SHIPPING to all orders within the continental US.  AND a lot of their items offer FREE personalization!

AND you can WIN a Color/ Marker Organizer NOW through me!   The winner will work with Kerry at Sew Pizazzed to choose a fabric and personalize it to whom they choose!  Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry!