It’s time to give your best self to your family by offering yourself a little self-care and love.

Self-care tips to help you give your best self to others.

I was at a Lindsey Stirling concert last night and had the utmost pleasure when she took a moment to talk about how we all need to love ourselves in whatever form our life is. I kept looking at my preteen hoping she was getting the message.

Then this morning, I realized, I need to take the advice to heart myself. As mothers, we wear so many hats. I’d list them but you all know what they are – and that’s sort of a never-ending list anyways, isn’t it?

So Momma, would you take a moment today, this week, this month, and this year and start scheduling some regular time for self-care? I’ve done the work and gathered some tips on how to show yourself care, including some good reads on WHY you should take time for you, and even a few on how to help your daughters learn the joy and need for self-care. Take a look, and then pull out those planners and get it scheduled in.

Why Self-Care?

In this article from It’s A Mother Thing, she lays it all out. If you’re sitting there telling us why you can’t take the time for you because of 1. kids 2. husband 3. housework 4. job 5. etc etc etc, well please do yourself a favor and read her words. You’ll finally be able to care for yourself without feeling guilty afterward.

Lori wrote a great piece on How A Sinkful of Dishes Affects My Self Esteem. If this sounds similar to your life, you are in need of self-care. To see beyond the daily tasks that always pile up, beyond the lack of time for anything else in our schedule, and put yourself first for just a little bit.

Everblossom shares exactly why we need to take self-care seriously. Burnout is a real thing, and it’s no fun!

The How-to of Self-Care

Self-care is going to look a bit different for everyone because we are all individuals. What relaxes one mom, may just add stress to another’s day. Some moms may find self-care by going to the gym every day or participating in some type of exercise. Others may find their self-care is being pampered at a beauty salon on a regular basis.

If it’s been so long since you took care of you that you’re not sure where or what will give you that bit of loving you need, then check out these articles. Start by trying a few new things.

Work in My Pajamas shares some self-care tips for people who work from home. These will rejuvenate any working from home momma! On the flip side, if you’re a stay at home mom without the work aspect hanging over you, you will want to read these tips from Mommy’s Bundle. Whether motherhood if your job, or you work full time, your self-care needs may look a bit different, but we all still need the love.

If you just don’t know what will relax you why not try starting a new hobby. Chances are it’s been awhile since you did something you love, and it’s possible your interests have changed. I love this idea to try Hand-Lettering from Smart Mom Smart Ideas as a useful skill in self-care.

If pampering is what you desire to feel loved, try making this DIY body-wash, or one of these 11 self-care ideas from the Bewtichin Kitchen.

Self Care for Kids

I fully believe in teaching by example. If I don’t care for myself, then my kids won’t know how to care for themselves. This will, in turn, affect their self-esteem. As a mother one thing I hope I can give my kids is self esteem – we do this by showing them we respect and love ourselves.

Mama in the Now shares her tweens routine for daily self-care that is a great starting place in teaching our kids how to love and respect themselves. A Mom’s Take teaches 6 habits that enforce this daily routine and why it’s important.

Finally the Mama Maven shares this great article on raising our daughters with good self-esteem that is a must read for any parent of girls.