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My children came home after a long weekend with their dad with colds. Runny noses, coughs and irritation all added to a restless sleep for all three. Thankfully, no fever ever presented for any of them and by morning, the cough medication and Mentholatum rub on their chest seems have stifled the symptoms. But the experience reminded me that the seasonal flu is on it’s way. Unfortunately, so is the onslaught of moms and kids in our pediatrician’s office with the ailments that come with back to school. Luckily, I can head to Walgreens – with no appointment, mind you – and get the Flu Shot whenever I want!

Walgreens for Seasonal Flu Shots #GiveAShot #shop #CollectiveBias

In addition, and possibly one reason why I would not even try to get into the Ped’s office first, is that Walgreens has an amazing program that helps more than just your crowded calendar. It also helps kids in countries that do not have access to life saving shots get them.  Through the #GiveaShot program and in partnership with the  United Nations Foundations and Shot@Life, Walgreens gives a shot for every shot you get.  Together this campaign can supply up to 3 Million vaccines to kids that need it most! 

Walgreens for Seasonal Flu Shots #GiveAShot #shop #CollectiveBias

My kids get to get up every morning, put their shoes on, grab their waffles and go to school. There they get to play with friends, use the school supplies I bought and share stories of fun times with mom on the weekends. They have water fountains easily accessible with clean water at any time, lunches on time with a variety of choices and the careless attitude that it will all be there again tomorrow. I am a very blessed mom to have three healthy, cared for kids that have the benefits they do.

But across the world, in a dirt floored house, lives children who don’t even have the simplicity of clean water, much less it coming out of a stainless steel fountain. They don’t have the luxury of school, the choice of what to eat – or even to eat – and they certainly do not have life saving vaccines that will prevent them from getting ill and suffering with a disease that we have the ability to protect them from.

Walgreens for Seasonal Flu Shots #GiveAShot #shop #CollectiveBias

Regardless of your opinions about vaccines, shots and other medical care that we have the option to give our kids in the United States, we all know that there are children out there suffering that don’t have to be.

By the simplest act – taking your children to Walgreens for a vaccination or seasonal flu shot – you can help that child across the world whose name you don’t know, get a shot that can save his life. Thus giving him a chance to change the world. Just as we hope our kids do!

Walgreens for Seasonal Flu Shots #GiveAShot #shop #CollectiveBias

My kids and I often talk about the kids we don’t see. We have a talking globe and use it to learn about the world and talk about the people who live in the other parts of it. As they play doctor and we use play to help assuage the fear of shots, we also talk about how getting that shot is a good thing. Not only for them, but for the kids they simple can not see but know are there.

Learn more about the #GiveAShot program at Walgreens. Three million children could benefit from something that a lot of us do anyway! Walgreens for Seasonal Flu Shots #GiveAShot #shop #CollectiveBias

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