It has been a trying year to say the least.  Not only have I struggled to take care of myself in a marriage that made no one happy, but the divorce, financial issues and the difficulty of keeping up with it all have caused major stress in my life.  But as I get used to my new life, my new schedule and my new attitude,  I am finding that taking care of me is becoming a priority again.


So now that I am trying to take care of me more, and have also lost 30 pounds in the process, I need some new clothes, shoes, jewelry and so on.  My old ones are worn, baggy, unattractive and the sign of a woman who neglected herself trying to hold it together when everyone else knew it was falling apart.  But, as previously mentioned, with three kids to take care of 90% of the time on my own, I don’t have a plethora of funds to use for me.

Lately I have seen more and more commercials for fashionable outfits that woman have found at Sears.  Now, I love Sears for tools, patio and bar b q items and even kids clothes.  But I have never really shopped there for me even though I knew the prices were going to be reasonable.

Check one out below:

So last week I gathered my two awesome neighbors and we headed to Sears to check out the new, more modern clothing section for woman and young girls.  I have to be honest, I expected boring, same old same old styles.  But when I walked in and immediately saw brands like Bongo and Kim Kardashian, I got a spring in my step and started to get a little excited about taking care of little old me.  Seriously, this was my first shopping trip for clothing for me in over a year.  Pretty sad, right?

My neighbors and I split up and gather all of the clothes that we thought would look good on me.  Everything from amazing party dresses to super trendy jeans to fun shoes and tops.  Arms totally full – twice over – we headed in to see if anything would even fit me.


While trying things on we discovered that I had lost 2 dress sizes.  2 DRESS SIZES!  I was ecstatic and wanted to find even more hot clothes to try on my new slimmer frame.  Luckily there was a lot to choose from!  During this whole process my girls and I narrowed the outfits down to 3.  A super cute Kim Karsashian dress that I could wear to a party, a black frilly shirt with some uber trendy jeans and some soft black pants with a flattering blue shirt.  But we could not decide and, though I would have loved all three, I was on a budget!

So, my neighbor took photos and we posted them to Instagram!  The one with the most votes WON and I went and purchased it today to wear to a Christmas get together tomorrow night!  And the winner is……


The blue top and black pants, grey shoes and big fat Lori Grin!  However, since the jeans and black shirt were in second place, I got those too!  All of the items came out to less than $120!  AND I used my 20% Off Coupon that lasts until 12/31/2012 that I got on Sears’ Facebook Page.  That is amazing to me!  And the clothes are pretty, trendy and they fit my frame perfectly!

Sears Coupon

As surprised as I was to head to Sears to buy clothing for me, I have to say, they have some serious style, affordable prices and will #StyleSurprise even the most savvy shopper!  I can not wait to go back and try on even more!

Have you been to Sears lately to see their expanded clothing department?  If not, check it out.  And, while you are in between try ons, enter the Shop Your Way #StyleSurprise Sweepstakes where you could win 5,000,000 points!  That is $5,000 bucks guys!  No purchase is necessary so enter NOW!


Tonight I went to the Christmas Party and everyone loved my outfit and was shocked I got it at Sears!  Even Santa loved it!



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