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I have been lucky enough to have been invited on a fun staycation in Houston, my neighboring large city, for the 4th of July.  I’ll be staying in TWO luxury hotels, eating at some seriously fine restaurants and touring my city learning about all of the fun things it has to offer.

I just have one problem.  I have nothing to wear!   Nothing red, white and blue, anyway.  So I grabbed my purse, high on happiness and headed to Sears.  I know from past shopping experience that I was going to find something stylish, fun and affordable.  And my head was wrapped around Sears denim for that all American feel.  Especially if I used my Shop My Way Points!

Sears Denim Keeps you in searsStyle #ThisisSears #cbias #shop

Truth be told, I needed to get out of the house anyway.  My kids have been gone almost two weeks now and I am going stircrazy!  Battling between complete depression and the insane drive to get some things done, the house is so super quiet and I just am having a hard time.  So this staycation could not have come at a better time!

It’s 4 days and 3 nights and comes right as I am about to spin out of control not knowing what to do with myself!

A Hotel Sorella Staycation will be FUN #ThisisSears #cbias #GoHouston #shop

So as I wandered around all of the clothed racks at Sears, happy that I was too small for the plus size section finally, but a little bummed that I am still not small enough for the Juniors section, I wandered in and out checking out the Kardashian collection, the shoes, the denim area and more.

I wandered alone, no one really bothered me, noticing the Shop My Way signs, the 30% off appliances signs and the myriad of jewelry options for me too.

Fun with Denim and searsStyle for the 4th #ThisisSears #cbias #shop

I really wanted something fun and denim always pops into my head when I think of good, American fun. Red, White and Blue!  You know, denim jackets, chambray shirts, etc.  But as I filtered through, I found nothing but jeans in my size selection.  I did, however, fall in love with a summer dress that was as American as you could get!

See my whole shop below in my Google + Album:

But I needed something to layer it with so I did manage to find a super cute denim jacket to go over it in the Juniors section!  YES, it fit me!

I grabbed some awesome white flip flops to complete the whimsical look and headed home.

Now, no one is here to take photos of me so I apologize that there are no body shots.  But I think I am going to look pretty cute with all of my blogger pals on the terrace of the hotel watching fireworks burst over head!

Check out even more searsStyle below:


I can not WAIT for my staycation.  I wish my kids were going but they are still at their dads.  I may have him bring them down one night, though.  Just so they can see the swanky hotel, maybe catch a movie with mom while we have dinner, maybe head to the children’s museum or even shop some of the stores around the area I am going.  I will have my laptop and my phone so be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all of the Houston fun!  Especially if you want to plan a trip here!!  I would totally be your tour guide!

A Half Selfie of my in Style! #ThisisSears #cbias #shop

Are you going anywhere this summer?  Are you staying near home or venturing out?  What are your 4th of July plans?  I’d love to hear all about them!


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