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There are so many amazing treats that will coming out of my kitchen this holiday season. With all the effort you and I put into our baking, you want to seal your holiday treats safely! My newest favorite are my Caramel Pecan Squares. I love to bake gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends and more. Sometimes, though, I make a batch of something and need to save some of it for later in the season. This goes for meals that can make more than one too, like soups and chilies that we can make now that it is cold. Storing my favorite foods just got easier with the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer and sealing canisters!

Seal your Holiday Treats with Ziploc® Brand Sealer and Containers #sponsored

Vacuum sealers are so much better than bags or containers that I use to use to store my foods. So often I make something amazing that I know I will want a few weeks later. I put it in a bag, throw it in the freezer and then go back to find it a freezer burned mess. It makes me so mad to throw perfectly good food out just because air got into the bag.

The  Ziploc® Vacuum Brand Sealer takes the risk out of storage and lets your seal your holiday treats safely by sucking the air out of the bag right before heat sealing it. When I say it takes the air out, I mean every little bubble possible.

Seal your Holiday Treats with Ziploc® Brand Sealer and Containers #sponsored

I made my Caramel Pecan Squares today for a friend but have some left over that I want to pull out again closer to Thanksgiving for my table. Usually I eat the rest – never a good idea – or store them in a container only to find out that they have spoiled in a matter of days. To prevent this and to have fresh bars ready in a few weeks, I placed my leftovers in the durable, thick bag and placed the end in the sealer. I pushed the sides down to lock the lid and then hit the vacuum seal button. Right in front of my eyes the bag shrank and hugged every part of my Squares and, once the air was out, the machine sealed the bag!

Seal your Holiday Treats with Ziploc® Brand Sealer and Containers #sponsored

I placed it in the freezer and in a few weeks will have bars that taste the same as they do today!

The other amazing thing that the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer System has that can help me keep everything from fruit to vegetables to pasta and more fresh are the Ziploc® Brand vacuum sealing canisters. These things are awesome, guys and I am so excited to have them! Already I have saved strawberries at least a few days longer than normal and am on my way to preserving carrots, celery and even dried beans.

Seal your Holiday Treats with Ziploc® Brand Sealer and Containers #sponsored

The canisters work with the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer. Simply place your food into the canister, they are sized small to larger, snap on the lid, attach the nozzle to the container and then the tube to the sealer. I pushed pulse and it sucked the air out of the canister. Air is what makes food spoil faster so having it gone is a great thing.

When it is time to eat, simply push the button on the top, listen to it release the seal and then pop the top off to find fresh food inside! It is so easy my kids can do it!


The Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer and canisters save money, time and energy as you preserve the foods you buy and make. You can get one at any retailer and the replacement bags easily too!

Seal your Holiday Treats with Ziploc® Brand Sealer and Containers #sponsored

What are your favorite recipes that you would love to be able to save safely? I want to hear the recipe and then see you seal your holiday treats too!

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